7 Ways To Achieve Spiritual Growth

7 Ways To Achieve Spiritual Growth

By All Women Stalk on June 1, 2014
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Spirituality can grant you hope, stability, and acceptance. The relationship you have with a higher being is sacred. While many people deem themselves devoted to their God, there are some of us who are longing for a deeper connection. Whether we need specific guidance or wish for the power of faith, we want someone or something to believe in. Here are several ways anyone can achieve spiritual growth.

It’s important that you take 15-20 minutes a day to pray or meditate. By relieving your body of insignificant thoughts you allow your God to connect with you. You can begin any meditation session with a prayer and then you should sit still and relax your mind.

Whatever your beliefs, you must follow the way of the word. Practicing your faith means that you adhere to good morals and values. Respecting others, performing good deeds, leading an honest life, and remaining humble are just a few ways you can follow your higher being’s example.

If you’re looking for support or encouragement from those of the same faith, you should consider joining a community of believers. Most Christian churches embrace visitors. For example, Pastor Ed Young celebrates every new member to the house of worship. Because spreading the word is so important, churches see it as their duty to guide you in your journey.

Participating in study sessions or prayer groups will help build on your spiritual knowledge and present new perspectives. Spending time with friends and loved ones with the same beliefs will also keep you on the right spiritual track. If you ever spend time with people of a different faith, it’s wise to remember your own spirituality.

Praying generally means that you’re asking for help. When you or a loved one is facing emotional or physical hardships, you can rely on prayer for answers, cures, and hope for a better tomorrow. Trusting that your prayers will be answered is a crucial aspect in spirituality.

Once you’ve successfully added daily prayer to your life, you must begin listening for answers. This can be very difficult for those just beginning their spiritual journeys. Because you won’t actually hear your God’s voice responding back, you need to look for signs. It takes a lot of patience and practice but in time you’ll see signs from God everywhere.

When you attribute too much value to materialistic things such as jewelry or expensive electronics, you probably aren’t appreciating the world that surrounds you. Treasuring tangible items can lessen your spirituality since they’re meaningless and give money power. Donate clothes you never wear and gadgets you never use. Give to the less fortunate and see how quickly someone else will pay it forward.

Enhancing your spirituality can be a very tough task. It takes courage, perseverance, and a willingness to believe in a higher power. Begin boosting your spirituality today by reflecting on your own beliefs and practices.

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