8 Tips To Help You Develop A Healthy Reading Habit

8 Tips To Help You Develop A Healthy Reading Habit

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In today’s world where people are busy in chit- chats, writing SMS languages and talking in slang they are leaving behind the necessary things such as reading, writing that will actually help in building their career. However, this thing goes miles above their heads and they continue with their social media lives. They keep on ignoring reading, hence enter such a stage where they start using SMS language in exams also and are not even able to spell things properly and do not know the meaning of several common words and their synonyms and how to use words to make proper sentences.

Why is reading or book reading important?
  • Book reading is very important as it allows us to learn some new words that are not in regular use. Secondly, the books contain some life experiences of the authors that motivates an individual and helps him to face the new challenges in life at every step may it be career, love, parenting etc.
  • These books help an individual to find himself, various books such as The Secret, The Magic the bestselling books by the famous author none other than Rhonda Byrne are very helpful and motivating books that help in self-introspection and help in maintaining a positive attitude/ being optimistic personality.
  • These books always prove to be your friend and never leave you alone. If in a bad mood grab any book you like your mood will be changed and you will enter in a new world where you will never find yourself alone and find yourself involved in the investigations if you pick up a Sherlock Holmes series or something else.
  • These reading habits may be of books or journals also increase your knowledge in your field i.e. if you belong to an engineering field then reading about new inventions, innovations will boost up your knowledge and help you in your interviews and work.
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How to start reading?

People sometimes keep on making plans I will start reading but from tomorrow or day after tomorrow that leads to negligence and delays. Therefore, here are some steps that individuals may follow to quickly start with their reading habits:

  • Choose a comfortable place: When you want, to start with reading, always choose a place where you can sit comfortably and read so that your complete focus is on reading and nothing else. A good comfortable place will make your concentration level high and keep all the distractions away. Such as if, you are sitting on a revolving chair and it is hurting your back or suddenly starts revolving then your focus will be on your back or sudden movement of the chair.

In addition, use the best book light that will help you in reading at night as reading in a dim light or flickering light may lead to loss of interest.

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  • Set a goal: Always set a goal before reading that how much you can read and for how many hours you can sit and read. It will help you in setting accurate targets and accomplish them, as well as it will help you to set your sitting habit and will help to enter a state where you keep your full concentration in reading and accomplishing the goal in deadline. Like setting a goal of reading 20 pages in two hours.

  • Create a list of books: Always create a list of books that interest you such as motivational books, thrillers, autobiographies etc. Take suggestions from peers and adults that can suggest you books on personal grooming or inventions etc. Creating such a list will help you stay more organized and will help you recognize what your actual interests are.

  • Have the right tools around you: Some people enjoy reading from the original hard copies while others go for mobile phones or even tablets i.e. they prefer e-books to hard copies. Therefore, they need to have handy mobile phones or tablets that they can easily hold.

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  • Read carefully and search for unfamiliar words: Read the main idea very carefully that what the author wants to say and do a search for unfamiliar words if you encounter one note it down and check for their meaning as it will increase your vocabulary and help you later during your interviews.

  • Indulge into a book club or find some reading partner: Indulge yourself or associate yourself with a book club or find a good reading partner that is curious to read also encourages you to read along with, helps you where you are stuck such as simplifying the meanings of words you are not familiar.

  • Often visit libraries: As libraries are the most silent places in the world and free places, where you can read any book of your choice without paying a penny. So, frequent visit to libraries is a must, in addition to free of cost part there are a variety of books who knows which may interest you and which may even encourage you to write a book on your own.

  • Reduce your presence on social-media: Reduce your presence on social media and reduce watching television as all these things only act as a distraction for readers. If an individual spends more time in all these things then he or she will not get enough time to read anything and will lack self- introspection, and development.

  • Try to carry a book: Try to carry a book along with that interest you, to the places where you are sitting idle. Such as when going for an appointment with a physician or someone and the physician is not available, try to occupy yourself in reading rather than sitting idle.


Why book light while reading?

The use of best book light helps the reader to:

  • Read even in darkness
  • It is very easy to carry at different places i.e. small and hence portable also.
  • No issue of power off as it has the facility of rechargeable batteries and other AAA type batteries can be used.
  • The timer is also, there are some of the book lights that automatically turn off after sometimes, they are useful when the reader suddenly falls asleep as is not conscious in turning off the lights.


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