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Sampson Malachy: Who Arrested Freedom In Nigeria? The Audu Maikori Case

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[dropcap]O[/dropcap]f many cherished values practiced in civilised climes, freedom remains agape. But not in Nigeria, the opposite is the bane.

Last week Friday, lots of Nigerians were startled about the sudden arrest of Chocolate City President – Audu Maikori after he spearheaded tweets about the killings and unrest that took place in Southern Kaduna.

Audu Maikori didn’t commit any crime. He only spoke out about the unrest and what appeared to be like an organised attack hatched by ungodly elements.

The arrest gave birth to #FreeAudu campaign that took the social sphere by storm and abuzz with numerous posts from different Nigerians that expressed their views about the arrest and many clamoring for Audu’s immediate release.

This brought many thoughts about Nigerian… the acclaimed giant of Africa yet wallowing in hallow of poverty, of killings, of hardship, of despair and uncertainties.

I thought, still thinking about the effect of this arrest. I am thinking how our democracy has been spilled with oil of dictatorship.

I am thinking about how an arrest warrant could fly from Kaduna to Lagos.

I am thinking of how stuck we are as country filled with misplaced priorities.

Our economy is almost crumbling like a skyscraper built with mud. Yet that doesn’t seem to be our current bugbear. why?

How do you channel your penchants to people that are talking about a problem and let the people behind the problem to go loose and smile in total freedom.

For me, I think this arrest is a ploy to shift our focus from the numerous problems that Nigeria is currently facing. Kaput, there’s a grand attempt to silence every voice of reasoning and rewrite the genocide, on-going, in Southern Kaduna

I am think how Nigeria will advance and become a leading nation… but how do we intend to lead without a plan or a vision? We desire to succeed, but without the need drive.

Does Freedom or Information and Speech still exist in Nigeria?

Is the FOI DEAD? Or is it on exile.

Digital rights allows individuals to access, use create and publish their opinions without any form of intimidation from superior power or body.

Why is the situation different in our country?

It can only be in a country, with a jungle judge perpetuating jungle orders without recourse to order civility.

Sampson Malachy is a digital journalist and a communication expert. He can be reached by email HERE and on Twitter @IamMalachy.

The opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author.

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