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Favour Afolabi | Op-Ed Contributor


Buhari’s No-Show At UN Boko Haram Meeting: Misplaced Priorities Gone Haywire

When I heard our dear President Muhammadu Buhari was heading to the 70th United Nations General Assembly with 3 Governors from the North; the...

#SoundOff: ‘Stealing Is Not Corruption’ And The Stoning Of Saraki, By @FavourAfolabi

Former President Goodluck Jonathan once said "If you differentiated between Corruption and Stealing, the people will stone those that STEAL as the meaning of...

The ‘Dasukilization’ Of Bukola Saraki, By Favour Afolabi

When as a Democrat, you sit by as “Democratic Institutions” are used to maliciously to deal with others, you never know the day it...

Buhari And His Embarrassing Gaffes During His Foreign Trips, By Favour Afolabi

So President Muhammadu Buhari wants to appoint "noisemakers" as ministers - very interesting! Apparently, if this man had his way, he would appoint no ministers...

#SoundOff: Buhari Is Leading Nigerians In Damaging Our Standing Abroad – @favourafolabi

As Nigeria's President Muhammadu Buhari meets with President Paul Biya of Cameroun, it should be noted that Nigeria has had 10 Presidents since Paul Biya...

Favour Afolabi: The Reuben Abati-Olusegun Adeniyi-Pius Adesanmi Conundrum

I wrote and published this article on March 31, 2013; and when I met Dr. Reuben Abati for the first time earlier this year,...

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