Best Referral Strategies For Online Digital Marketing

Best Referral Strategies For Online Digital Marketing

By Dana Hughes | Business Contributor on January 12, 2019
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It has become quite difficult to convince your customers to buy certain products. At present, customers see lots of advertisements in newspapers, radio, and television and an online platform. Whenever someone tries to buy a particular product or service, then they take the help of their friends, relatives or product reviews. Only advertisement is not a great way to promote your product because nothing can work better than word-of-mouth. Whenever you add incentive with word-of-mouth, then it is known as referral marketing. There are many companies which are getting benefits referrals for digital marketing with the help of referral marketing. So, there is no reason that you shouldn’t opt for the referral marketing.

Different channels for referral marketing

Now, you can do online marketing with the help of online websites or applications but referral marketing can be done through company employees, customers or by connecting with another company. All of the three ways are quite effective but the way to do it is to take the help of customer referrals. When there will be a satisfied customer, then it would be easier for you to market your product and services.

When the customers would promote the products, they would receive a particular amount of money and this is ultimately beneficial to you only. There is a number of top-selling magazines which are used for referral marketing. With the articles appearing in magazines, your referral can be added to it so that the customers have a better effect on the marketing. Like, you can take the example of Dropbox which is file storage online company. The subscribers who signed up used to get free space and if they referred it to any of their friends, then they would receive more cloud space.

How to create the best referral strategy?

Before selecting any strategy, it is best that you check out the best referrals for digital marketing. When you will know about the best referrals, it would be easier for you to plan the strategy. The best referrals for your website can be magazines, mobile applications, software, and videos. So, you can choose any of the options by checking out the benefits of it. You should choose the referral program which is easy to find. If the customers would have to search for the referral link, then it will become your dream to get benefits with referrals.

Make sure that you always show transparency to the audience as if they won’t get the given benefits, next time you will have to face loses. Now, that you know word-of-mouth play a great role in promoting your products, it can also play role in creating a bad reputation for your products. So, always make sure that you don’t try to make your customers fool.  Always stay honest and transparent with them and you will be able to gain huge profits.

Some of the examples of great referral programs

If you think that it is not easy to get famous with the help of referral websites, then you would be able to regret it later. There are many websites which are getting benefitted by choosing referrals to attract huge traffic on their online stores.

Moo Referrals

If you are looking for an online company which offers different kinds of products to the customers, then Moo is one of the best sites. The advocate would get a referral gift card of the particular amount if it would be referred to friends or family. After this advocates would receive rewards which can be used for further purchases. The referrals are able to get 20% off when they make their first order from the website. Gift cards can be a great way to encourage people to become your loyal customers.


One of the best examples of referral for clothing site is Boden. It is a clothing retailer which aims at online sales basically. Advocate is able to get $15 coupon when he/she would refer it to someone. The referrals would get 20% on their first purchases from the particular store. Whenever you create referrals, make sure that you use the small message and stay up to the point.  No one has time to waste in this busy time and that’s why the clearer your offer would be, better it will be.


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