How To Apply For A Job You Have No Experience In

How To Apply For A Job You Have No Experience In

By Ali Dino | Tech Contributor on January 12, 2019
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Job hunting can be very hectic, especially if you are fresh from college or university. In fact, the situation gets even worse if you come across a job that you really want but you have no experience in it.

It could be a job that is in the field you have studied or on a different field. So how do you convince the employer that your skills, education, and qualifications are relevant for the position?

If some of your skills are directly transferable to the position you are applying for you could highlight them in your cover letter. Also, you need to show the employer that you have the ability and you are open to learning new skills, but you also need to be able to communicate your skills appropriately.

There are plenty of actions you can take to prove to the employer that you can take up the position. But if you find things not working your way, you could just head over to Google and search jobs hiring near me part time no experience near me and try your luck there.

Let’s find out how to apply for a job you have no experience in.

1. Research

You are pretty sure that the experience the employer is looking for in that particular isn’t even close to what you have, but you can research to find out what people in that particular position do.

What are the successful candidates for that position supposed to know? This is the best way to know what things they have in common. Once you have researched and found out what skills and traits are required for the job, you can then highlight them in your cover letter when applying for the job.

2. Be Open to Learn

Learning never ends and if you can show the employer that you do not have the experience they are looking for, but you have the skills and traits, plus you are willing to learn, you could win their heart.

Technology has advanced in that you can learn as you work and if you can show the employer your commitment to challenge yourself by learning something new and advance your skills, you can make them change their minds and consider you for the opportunity.

3. Find Out Why You Take the Job

Of course, there is something that triggered you to apply for the job, knowing well back in your mind that you do not have the experience the employer is looking for. You had your own reasons why you are submitting your application and why you think you should be offered the opportunity.

Well, of course, you have personality traits and other less formal qualifications; you should think about a relevant trait and mention it in your application.

4. Figure Out Other Experience You Can Highlight Even Though They Are Not In The Job Specification

The job requires candidates with more than 6 years and you are just fresh from the university, so you do not qualify for it, but what else have you done before that can showcase some if not all the skills the employer is looking for?

For example, you could have volunteered in your community to mobilize youth to get registered as voters during an election. This shows how you can convince other employees to take up an opportunity that arises within the place of work when they are not willing to. Or maybe you have been contributing articles on other blogs writing quality content, that’s a good way to show that you can grab a new technology fast. Experience does not mean you must have worked for a similar position for many years, you could have other things you have done that contribute a lot on the position you are applying.

5. Write a Killer Cover Letter

A cover letter is a powerful tool that can make a hiring manager call you for an interview. This is in fact, a helpful one if you do not have much experience. However, you must know how to craft an excellent cover letter. This means that you are writing something unique and not a repeat of your resume; something that will leave the hiring manager thinking; “this is the best candidate for the job” even before seeing you.

You need to show the hiring manager why you are the best and why you are interested in the opportunity.

Final Thoughts – Be Realistic

All the tips we have shared above are meant to convince the hiring manager that even though you do not have the skills they are looking for, you can still take up the opportunity, but you also need to be realistic about why you think it’s the best position for you.


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