3 Reasons Why Education Is Important For Your Career Success

3 Reasons Why Education Is Important For Your Career Success

By Dana Hughes | Business Contributor on October 13, 2016
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You don’t need a good education to succeed in life, but it sure makes life easier. The better qualified you are, the easier it is to find a job. People who leave school with barely any qualifications find it much harder to secure a well-paid job. They may not even be considered for many jobs.

If you are trying to decide whether to enroll in an online nursing program at Arizona State University, you are probably wondering whether all that time, effort and expense is worth it. So is it?

Learn New Skills

Education isn’t just about learning facts and figures so you can pass an exam. Education teaches us many skills. It’s all about learning how to gather information, execute tasks and think outside the box. The higher up the educational ladder you progress, the greater the emphasis on self-motivated learning.

Further education is invaluable for teaching students how to manage their time, in particular deadlines. Once you progress through the education system, you are expected to meet tight deadlines. It’s no different in the workplace, so these skills will stand you in good stead.

Pursuing further education shows an employer you are committed to bettering yourself and learning new skills. Education broadens your horizons and teaches you new things. At the most basic level, education gives you a foundation to build upon. For example, you need basic math and English skills to move up the educational ladder, but most employers will expect you to have the basics, even for entry-level jobs.

Develop Interpersonal Skills

Going to school helps you to learn valuable interpersonal skills. You have to talk to people, put your views forward, and speak in front of a group. Unless you plan on working from home, in your bedroom, you will have to get used to talking to people from all backgrounds through the course of your career. Working in project groups will help to improve your communication skills, teamwork and conflict resolution skills.

Greater Earning Potential

There will always be some people who achieve huge success despite a lack of formal educational qualifications. They are the exception to the rule. However, for most people, the greater their educational qualifications, the greater their earning potential.

A good example of this is in the healthcare sector. Most hospitals have a range of lower paid jobs, but if you want to earn more, you will need to pursue a college degree, such as an online nursing program. Once you have a college degree you can expect to earn around $20k more than someone without a degree does. If you then go on to study for a master’s degree, your income will be even better. So as you can see, education and income are closely linked.

Never dismiss the value of earning a good education. Education opens a lot of doors, particularly if you go on to study for a master’s degree at a prestigious university. After all, the people you meet in higher education could become useful contacts in later life.


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