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Extremely Unique Restaurants Around The World (PHOTOS)

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#1 DC-6 Diner, England 
Located inside a 1958 Douglas DC-6 aircraft at the Coventry Airport, the DC-6 Diner is the first restaurant in the UK of its type. Opening in 2010, this restaurant seats 40 and also has a bar. Guests can call for service using the original call buttons, and are welcome to take a look in the cockpit. The menu has an aviation theme, and is much tastier than typical airline food.

Image Source: delish.com

#2 Muru Pops Down in Tytyri, Finland 
This unique restaurant is located 80 meters down in a 115 year old mine in the town of Lohja. The restaurant seats 64, and the main theme of this fine dining establishment is Element Earth. Guest wear hardhats while traveling down the shaft, but may remove them for dinner. The total dining excursion at this popular venue takes 6.5 hours.

Image Source: intoxicatingprose.com

#3 Solo per Due, Italy
As the smallest restaurant in the world, Solo per Due (Just for Two) only has one table, and serves two people at a time. The restaurant has a romantic charm to it, and the lights are dimmed before dinner. The wait staff doesn’t hang around, but are rather summoned by a silver bell. The staff will also provide special requests such as a fireworks show after dinner.

Image Source: quirkyguide.com

#4 Kayabukiya Tavern, Japan 
This traditional style Japanese restaurant is located in Utsunomiya, which is north of Tokyo. The owner of the restaurant has two macaque monkeys who actually work there. The owner did not train them, rather, the monkeys learned from watching. One monkey takes drink orders and delivers them, and the other bring customers hot towels. The monkey’s are only allowed to work 2 hours per day because of animal rights laws, and they are tipped with boiled soya beans.

Image Source: botianews.com

#5 Villa Escudero, Philippines
This amazing restaurant is set at the foot of Labasin Falls, a waterfall in the Quezon province. Guests are encouraged to take off their shoes and get as close to the waterfall as they want while enjoying traditional Filipino dishes. You can even sit in the waterfall and get your picture taken, if you don’t mind getting your clothing wet.

Image Source: inthralld.com

#6 Salt & Sill, Sweden
This 23 room hotel on a barge also hosts a popular seafood restaurant, with a strong focus on quality. It uses local produce, and is famous for its herring platter. The Salt & Sill is Sweden’s first floating hotel and restaurant. It is located on the western side of Tjorn, on the island of Kladesholmen.

Image Source: theworldroamer.com

#7 The Broker Restaurant, Colorado 
The Broker Restaurant, located in Denver, is inside a 100 year old bank vault in the old Denver National Bank building. This popular steakhouse in also one of the most romantic settings in the area. Guest sit on cherry wood booths which were once used by customers viewing their safe deposit boxes. The original cash vault , 35 feet below ground, is now the wine cellar.

Image Source: spiredenver.com

#8 Carton King, Taiwan (Image 8 of 10)

At the Carton King, most everything is made out of cardboard and paper. This includes the chairs, tables, dishes, and cups. The purpose of the Carton King is to show uses for cardboard besides just packaging, and to encourage others to use it more often. If anything breaks at the restaurant, it is simply recycled.

Image Source: flippies.co

#9 Ali Barbour’s Cave Restaurant, Africa 
Ali Barbour’s was built in an ancient coral limestone cave in Kenya. It is a very romantic setting, lit with candle light, surrounded by walls with fossil shells, and a view of the beautiful nighttime sky. The setting is exactly how it was discovered, except for the kitchen, restrooms, and stone flooring which were added. The cave is believed to be between 120,000 and 180,000 years old.

Image Source: finance.yahoo.com

#10 Muvbox, Canada 
The flagship Muvbox portable restaurant, located in Montreal, is a pop-up and movable restaurant. Built in ashipping container, this modern looking cafe is solar powered and is 40% self sufficient in its energy use. The covered seating area fits 28 or bistro seating for 14. The entire restaurants transforms in about 90 seconds with the touch of a button. The restaurant serves local and gourmet foods.

Image Source: montrealgazette.com

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