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Google Eases Gambling Advertising Policies In Nigeria

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Google has always been quite strict about advertising policies related to the gambling industry. Thankfully, there is good news for the gambling industry as the tech giant has finally decided to allow gambling promos in Nigeria, US states and other international markets.

Reportedly, Google updated its ‘gambling and games policy’ and has permitted ads related to sports betting in the US states of Rhode Island, Indiana, Iowa, Montana, and Pennsylvania and in various states of Nigeria, Kenya, and Colombia.

As a matter of fact, gambling operators with the required licenses and approval in each of these states will now be able to run gambling-related ads via AdMob, Display Network, Google Ads, Google Display Network, and YouTube. However, running ads via Google Ad Manager is still not allowed.

Additionally, advertisers need to ensure that they don’t target underage bettors or promote other products like online casino games.

As per opinion of gambling experts from Casinopånett.eu, Google has been relaxing its anti-gambling policies all these years. The company permitted real-money gambling apps into its Google Play marketplace in mid-2017, albeit in just a few countries.

Although Google has allowed gambling-related ads in Kenya, this move is quite opposite to the current negative attitude of Kenya’s government that is against gambling.

Well, it will be quite interesting to see how things unfold in the near future. For now, we believe that this move will provide a boost to the gambling industry of Nigeria.

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