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This GUN-SHAPED iPhone Case Could Get Someone Killed – Police Warns (PHOTOS – VIDEO)

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Police officials and anti-gun advocates in different states are of the opinion that a trending gun-shaped iPhone covers which they described as a ‘death trap’ should be banned.

Against this backdrop, the New York Police Department, NYPD, on Tuesday, July 1, 2015 issued a warning to people to steer clear from purchasing or flaunting the iPhone cover which looks pretty much like a real handgun.

It was learnt that a website sells the embattled iPhone covers for $49 and it comes with an app that puts a picture of a gun barrel on the iPhone’s screen.

The website said, “The app means you can play games of Russian roulette at parties! Don’t worry, you can’t actually shoot anyone!”

Also, different types and colours of these covers go for as low as $10 on the internet and it could also be bought on the street from vendors.

However, a handful of concerned persons are advocating for a ban of the product as it has the semblance of a real gun and could be mistaken as such especially in the dark.

“We have to ban the sale of this item before lives are lost,” said Brooklyn community activist Tony Herbert.

He added, “If I were a cop and it was dark and I saw this (case) on a person, my first thought would be to pull my gun and defuse the threat.”

One former police officer told the New York Daily News that the case is “the stupidest, most dangerous thing I’ve ever seen.”

Here are some photos of the gun-shaped phone covers. (Click on any image to enlarge).

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