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This GUN-SHAPED iPhone Case Could Get Someone Killed – Police Warns (PHOTOS – VIDEO)

Police officials and anti-gun advocates in different states are of the opinion that a trending gun-shaped iPhone covers which they described as a 'death trap' should...

Man Goes Completely Naked Because He Couldn’t Buy fuel In Lagos (PHOTO- NUDITY)

A young man has stripped himself totally naked out of sheer frustration following his inability to buy some petrol in Lagos State. The incident reportedly...

15 Things You Didn’t Know Could Affect Your Sex Life

Are you one of those who seldom wants to jump into bed and make love? You just never seem to be in the mood...

10 Behaviors That Could End Your Relationship Before It Begins

If you're a certain age -- or possess any semblance of a romantic history -- you likely carry around a laundry list of relationship...

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