Homeschooling Costs vs Benefits Why Neighbors Are Pooling Resources

Homeschooling Costs vs Benefits Why Neighbors Are Pooling Resources


Many family households, alongside the government, are debating the state of education in their homelands. While some governments do not have the resources to fund public education well, others put too much money into what is classified as a sinking ship. While the government is federally funding some educational institutions, many community homeschool groups get together to order wholesale school supplies so that they can provide for their children.

In fact, many countries, among which the United States is one, are finding that their standards are continually being lowered while some countries rank quite highly in literacy, math, science and technology. Homeschooling seems to be the answer, but can you afford it? Let’s look at some of the reasons why neighbors are pooling their resources to set up local homeschool communities.

Mandatory Standards Do Not Inspire Students to Excel

One of the problems that many parents have with standardized education is that students simply aren’t inspired to greatness in areas which they are passionate about. It is understood that all students need rudimentary knowledge in reading comprehension (literacy), math and science; yet, so many classes which government mandates as ‘necessary’ are not what students would like to spend their time learning. Instead of six or seven periods crammed into a single day, why not let students have longer classes in subjects that interest them? To do this, homeschooling needs to be affordable to families.


How Some Families Are Tackling Finances

As mentioned above, some communities are pooling their resources and ordering school supplies so that the cost isn’t a burden on families. However, bear in mind that many homeschooled children are seeing mom or dad giving up full-time employment to be at home to teach the kids, which is putting an additional financial burden on families already operating on a budget.

Some communities are organizing so that parents only teach one day a week. It only takes five homeschooling families homeschooling to mandate the week’s rota, and by doing so, parents can go back to part-time or full-time employment without the fear of debt. By doing so, each parent is only giving up a part of his or her income, if any at all. It is often possible to change up a work schedule to some extent so that you can be free to teach your homeschoolers and other kids you are homeschool pooling with.

Cost vs. the Future of Your Children

Whether you need to give up working altogether for a few years or are simply giving up full-time work to be available to your children, the question should really be, can you afford not to homeschool your children? From teaching them subjects which inspire to keep them from overcrowded, underfunded classes, homeschooling is more cost effective than you imagine. Your kids are our future, so weigh the benefits between a homeschool education and public education heavily, and your answer will become clearer. Their future is at risk, and that is all that should matter.


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