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7 Easy Steps To Improve Your Memory

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Do you feel like you forget everything? How many times have you walked into a room and completely forgotten what you went in for? Short term memory loss can be a problem but eventually your long term memory is affected. You can improve both types of memory with these simple steps.

1. Give Your Brain a Workout

Your brain needs exercise, just like your body does. Spend some time giving it a workout every day. This doesn’t have to be something very strenuous.

Try crossword puzzles, Sudoku and word searches. Riddles are also great to get the brain working and improve your memory.


2. Get Enough Sleep

Sleep is essential for your memory. It keeps your brain working as it should and allows it to recover from the previous day. Your brain controls everything that you do, so is it surprising that it gets tired out?

Six to eight hours sleep is perfect for your brain to recover. Much more than that and you can actually feel worse and it could be worse for your brain!

3. Eat More Berries

Some studies show that berries are linked to better memory. In fact, just half a cup of berries every day could help to avoid Alzheimer’s.

These are beneficial in many other ways, as berries are full of antioxidants, meaning that you’re less likely to struggle with free radicals, which can cause cancer.


4. You Can Have Caffeinated Coffee

Do you constantly hear that you should stop drinking coffee? While it isn’t the best thing for you—it does speed up the heart rate—in moderation it is good for your brain and memory.

The chemicals in the caffeine help boost your brain power. You really don’t need that much though. Just two or three cups a day is perfect. If you don’t like coffee, tea is great—green tea does have some caffeine, although you’ll need to drink more of it!

5. Exercise During the Day

You still need to give your body a workout as well as your brain. Exercise helps to release good chemicals from your brain and keeps your whole body younger.

You could use exercise as a time to memorise things—this is a great chance to run through speeches, lines for a play and your notes for any university exams.


6. Beat the Stress

You’ll be surprised by the amount of damage that stress does to your body, especially to your mind. It makes you forgetful! It’s time to start handling your stress levels.

There are many ways of doing this but to start with, if you can’t do something about a problem, it isn’t worth stressing over!

7. Eat More Omega 3

Omega 3 is a fatty oil that is mainly found in oily fish. However, some bread makers have started adding it to the flour and it is found in other fruits and vegetables.

Omega 3 is excellent for the brain. It helps to make your brain seem younger than it really is, so your memory is saved.



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