IMPUNITY: ‘I Owe You No Explanation On How Gov’t Money Is Spent’...

IMPUNITY: ‘I Owe You No Explanation On How Gov’t Money Is Spent’ – Lai Mohammed

By Idoreyin Sampson | Sub-Editor on May 13, 2016
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A picture taken on June 29, 2015 in Abuja shows spokesman of the ruling All Progressives Congress and Ministerial nominee Lai Mohammed. | AFP/Pius Utomi Ekpei/Getty Images

A whistleblower leaked an official letter written on behalf of Nigeria’s minister of information and culture, Lai Mohammed to to the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) requesting a loan of N13.2 million to finance the minister’s trip to China.

The letter was obtained by The Trent and can be viewed HERE. According to the whistleblower, the request is a contravention of civil service rules.

The document is signed by the director of public relations and protocol, Mr. Dama, and it reads, “I am directed to inform you [NBC] that the Honourable Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed is proceeding on official assignment to China on Sunday, 15th May 2016.

“The Honourable Minister has therefore approved that you loan the Ministry the total sum of (N13,120,470) thirteen million, one hundred and twenty thousand four hundred and seventy Naira only to enable him and his team embark on the China trip to carry out the assignment.”

So, citizen reporter website, SaharaReporters, being an APC government friendly platform, decided to apply caution and called the Lai Mohammed to “confirm the authenticity of the letter”. And here is what Lai Mohammed told them, “It’s not unusual when the ministry wants to do something but you don’t have enough funds you ask one of your parastatals under you to provide the funds for the trip.

“While we are waiting for the appropriate head to have the money you can go to any of your parastatals and ask, give us the money and when we are funded we will return the money to you.”

SaharaReporters, who claimed to have “obtained the letter” decided to ask the minister how the letter was leaked and he said, “I am so disappointed that an internal memo like that would be with SaharaReporters, it shows a lack of integrity in the ministry.”

The whole impunity part of the minister’s response comes after when he says, “The way the ministry is run is not the subject of public discussion.”

But, minister, you owe the public an explanation on how government funds is spent? Lai Mohammed displays the height of disdain for Nigerians by retorting, “I do not.”

So, there you have it Nigerians, ladies and gentlemen, child of all ages… Lai Mohammed thinks he is not accountable to you.

What a government of impunity!


  1. Is this government lying to us that all Federal government ministries, departments and Agencies have complied with the Federal government directives on Treasury Single Account TSA? If they have how would NBC keep such money to warrant this transactions?

  2. In the ministry, where security staffs have not been paid in months, you own them explantions, if you are above the Constitution of the land. The laws today, are divided in to two, one for pdp and masses, and the other edited to embrace apc alone. Every other person on Nigeria street, hear you loud and clear. Inpunity inpunity inpunity, this is how they have ruled the country since 1960. Only Jonathan have every reason to account how Nigeria money is spent, he is not one of them. The British want to set up their investigations, of money travelling alone from Nigeria, when do, let see how names can be omitted from their findings. They already said , the problems will come from our side, doing theit investigations, of people they suspects as part of the cartel, shipping all these money out. Even if Nigeria refuses to comply with the british, they will publish, names of their suspects and their findings. Nigerians, can see how this apc, who believed only pdp are the corporates, will see many of them implicated at the end, how they will be protected, we all can see. It has taken a different dimention, everyone of them, who saw this fire, will and must smell the smoke, to the point of choking, if they and the govenrnent of today, play pranks.

  3. Hahahahoho, please can someone tell alhaji Judas in Fed min of information that the game is up. Let address the issue of our money first before the impunity matter, after all our own PmB told the angered world in Britain that even if his ass was kicked by Dave Cameron nd his kitchen servants that he needs d cash that were stolen from his country that underscores the importance the man ataches to public funds, then come to think of it, the old man is tranversing all over the globe to beg for funds nd one man is at home pinching the scarce resources giving it a nebulous name ” loan ” and on top of that giving Nigeria citizens dirty slap by saying he owes no one any explanation What an indiscretion and immodest in public office. Well Nigerians are watching d president to do the needful in this regards, to serve as deterant to other i don,t care public officers. I love my country.

  4. He who kills with knife shall also go by knife” Letter leaking was there business and they upgraded and become ministers ; Governors and Traditional rulers . so another person has to take up there former business and pay them in their own coin.

  5. Lai Mohammed is already showing himself as one bad egg that want to spoil a whole basket. PMB should do away with him. This is a new dimension to fraud and corruption. Is NBC exempted from T. S. A?

  6. Lai Mohammed who is a minister has refused to leave lagos to join other ministers in abuja because he has nothing in his brain. Talking too much does not mean intelligent or clever but watch well most of the things he says are not straight and right. Nigeria is bigger than lagos state where u can fool them that listen to those your meaningless speech. God don dey catch unah small small. APC unah just start. The power is hot or too much . We dey watch.

  7. LYing Mohammed is an Acidental Minister who doesn’t understand the architecture of government. As far as he concern, his appointment as a Minister was compensational or a reward.

    As far as APC led government is concern there is no impunity because he is an APC Minister. For instance, Rivers State, Nigeria, the Western countries and the whole have records of Amaechi’s CORRUPTION, yet Buhari turns deaf ears, probably for the reasons best known to only the APC’s government..

    APC’s Change Mantra is proving to a subjective and sentimental Change.
    **Fallen Naira Value
    **High prices of goods and services
    **Lack of money for the average and ordinary poor Nigerians with the exception of APC Politicians.
    **High price of Petroleum products
    **High Electricity Tarriff
    **Autonomy for FULANI Herdsmen to kill at will
    **Anti-Religious Preaching bills, because they are afraid their failure will become some subject of discussion in the mosques and churches.
    **Houses demolition within the territory of the perceived non-supporters.
    Hmmmmmmm! Which kind of Change has APC brought to Nigeria?

    Ah! I no fit laugh!

    • How I wish you were this vigilant; when your clueless daft was in charge, when your petroleum Minister held sway as Cashier for crude Oil sales, when remittances from Oil services company were diverted to private accounts under the watchful eyes of your Otuoke hero, when Aso Rock illiterate Landlady gives order to a democratically elected Governor of a State, when thugs and Oil thieves were contracted to protect our coastal waters, when individuals were enabled to acquire warships as Nigerian Navy watches in envy, and many more. Ethnic bigots!

  8. Haters will continue to look for what to hold to pull our minister down but they will continue to fail…. We believe in you strongly honourable minister for information and culture, you owe no one any explanation…

  9. What else do they want from the best and working minister, carry on sir good people of NIGERIA are fully in support of your ministry

  10. He sure has no explanation, he’s d money being asked for, for his personal use, No, u heard him, its for an assignment in China. Haters r u not tired by now

  11. I wish you were this vigilant; when your clueless daft was in charge for Six wasted years, when your Petroleum minister held sway as the cashier for all Crude sales, when remittances from Oil companies were diverted to private pockets under the watchful eyes of your Otuoke hero, when your illiterate landlady of Aso Rock issues orders to an elected Governor of a State, when thugs and Oil thieves were contracted to secure our Oil facilities, when criminal kingpins were enabled to acquire warships as Nigerian Navy watches in envy and humiliation, when monies meant for arms were shared by high thieves, conmen, maroabouts under the watchful eyes of a fantastically corrupt president, when Nigeria was splited along ethnic and religious lines through deliberate Govt policy by a brainless president under Oath to protect it and so many more. Your regime of crass impunity was eased off in the most civil manner for the enthronement of a disciplined and reliable anticorruption fighter. If you hate his team that much you may exit Nigeria through Bakassi borders with Cameroon, otherwise shut up!

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