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#IslamizingNigeria: Kano Gov’t Bans Food Vendors Because Of Ramadan

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The Kano State Government, on Thursday, July 2, 2015 allegedly placed a ban on food vendors and currently going after them as a result of the ongoing Ramadan fast among the Muslim folks across the globe.

Previously, the state government led by Governor Abdullahi Ganduje on Saturday, June 27, 2015 announced the extension of its monthly environmental sanitation to Sunday.

This has triggered quite a number of reactions from Nigerians who are questioning the basis for such actions.

Speculations are high that the government is on the verge of Islamizing the state hence the enactment of such rule.

Some aggrieved persons have taken to different social media to vent their griefs against the government.

One user wrote, “I hope these people realise that there are Christians living in Kano state? Why must our leaders dabble into matters that would cause avoidable controversy?”

In a similar vein, another user said, “The man is a bigot, who is bereft of common sense.

I see him swallowing his vomit. his premeditated plan to frustrate the Christiandom in Kano state is definitely going to get him 6feet closer to hell/his virgins. Anti-Christ kawei!”

Additionally, another person wrote, “I bet if any Christian majority state had done this, for example, SE, SS or Benue, you would have been boiling by now or you’d have taken arms and gone into one of those states to wreck havoc.

“Why can’t we criticize evil when we see one? If that governor wants a complete Islamic state, then he should declare it and send the Christians over there packing so that we know that officially, Kano is no go area to Christians.”

“Nigeria is a secular state. One state can’t come up today to impose it’s laws on the majority. As far as Nigeria is concerned, there should be freedom of worship. There are still a lot of Christians in Kano,” wore another aggrieved social media user.

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