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Kairos Moment With Apostle Nsikanabasi Ese: Finding Rest In God

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Karios Moments is a weekly devotional published by Apostle Nsikanabasi Ese.

Matthew 11:29-30

We live in a world that is full of restlessness. We live in a world with so much civil and spiritual unrest. We live in times/an age with so many questions yet answers are scarce. Restlessness has become the order of the day for so many. The economy of a few nations are fluctuating between weak and pale while others are permanently crippled. Insecurity, diseases, political unrest, death, disaster; all these and more comprise the many challenges that humanity is facing in the present age. Truth be told, the world is getting no better than it is now! I made a statement sometime last year that the hike in food prices will never be reversed, funny enough it has remained so. Things don’t plan to be easier on earth any longer because the coming of Jesus is at hand. These days all you find in the mainstream media is scary news of disasters, terrorist attacks, genocides, suicides, scandals and the rest. In developing countries like Nigeria, millions of young stars roam the streets in search of employment, death rate has so increased, life expectancy has drastically reduced and the cost of living is rising astronomically. Some accidents on our roads are not caused by drunk driving rather they are caused by worry. People either have so many bills to pay or so many problems to handle that they hardly concentrate while driving. But in all these unrest and restlessness in the world, the goodnews is that there is rest in God.

From the fall of Adam, the world was not structured to give man the best. God knew this that was why He sent His son Jesus to redeem mankind. That was why Jesus made this profound statement in John 16:33 ‘’these things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.’’ There is provision for people to have rest and peace on earth but that can only be found in God. The presence of rest is not the absence of unrest but the prevalence and dominance of supernatural Grace to enjoy rest even when others are restless. The rest God gives is all round rest. Rest in business, in finances, in marriage, in career, rest in your spirit, you can name them. The storms of life cannot swallow a person that connects to the rest of God.

To someone reading this now, God is bringing you all round rest this year. 2017 may have been full of events and happenings that placed so much burden on you but this year as you are reading this, Grace is released on you. You will enjoy the rest of the Almighty. The rest of God guarantees a stress-free life. Where others are struggling, the rest of God makes you achieve what they struggle to have with little or no effort. The rest of God guarantees longevity. Stress and worry kills fast. Hypertension, stroke, diabetes etc are all products of deep worry. The rest of God takes the worry and burden off you. The rest of God handles the rest of life’s issues while you relax. To enjoy this rest, there are things that every person needs to do. I will quickly share a few of them here but first note that life without Christ is a Life of crisis. The first step in finding rest in God is to be connected to God by receiving Jesus as your Lord and savior.



It is incumbent on every child of God to take responsibility in finding out what God wants them to do in life. When Saul had an encounter with Jesus on his way to Damascus, He promptly asked the Lord ’what do you want me to do?’[Acts 22:10]. God is in need of people who take responsibility. Saul was one of them. Before he was converted to Paul, Saul had an unrepentant zeal for killing Christians and he was so committed to it that God took note of his negative zeal and made plans for his conversion. The same energy in commitment and zeal is what he used in preaching Christ after his conversion. Are you taking Kingdom responsibility? When you don’t know what to do in life, you will end up doing the wrong thing and ofcourse, the wrong thing brings the wrong result. Anything that takes you away from God is an irresponsible thing. In Mat 11:29 Jesus said ‘’take my yoke upon you…’’ following Christ requires you take His yoke (responsibilities) upon yourself and they are very light. When you refuse the yoke of the Almighty you automatically embrace the yoke of the devil. Prayers, study of the word, service to God, giving etc are all kingdom responsibilities. This year refuse to run away from these responsibilities. The God you show responsibility over His work takes responsibility over your affairs. God cannot be responsible over your affairs and you lack rest in life. Never!


In our key text (Mat 11:29) Jesus said ‘’learn of me…’’. You have to become a permanent student to Jesus…sit and attentively learn from Him. Take instructions and adhere to them. The way of instruction is the way of escape from frustration. People who listen to instruction are people whose voices are heard in life. Peter toiled all night even with his many years of experience as a fisherman yet at the appearance of Jesus, he decided to listen and take instruction. He said ‘i have toiled…but nevertheless, at thy command…’’ whose command and instruction do you obey? By obeying Jesus’ voice fishes were under obligation to obey his voice by entering the net. Every master in life must have had a master he submitted to. Submission is the key to dominion in life. Discipleship is the pathway for leadership. A man that does not submit to God cannot enjoy His rest.


The proud can never enjoy God’s rest. The arrogant can never be a beneficiary of the rest of God. The more humble you are, the more rest you have in life. The devil is the father of selfishness and pride. He exercised pride when he said he wants to rise above the almighty because of this, he was brought low into a place of chaos. Pride goeth before a fall and no one finds rest in the course of falling. This year choose to be humble and you will experience the supernatural rest in life.

My earnest prayer for you is that every burden and load you have been carrying may all be taken away. This year you will enjoy the rest of God. Welcome to your season of rest.

Apostle Nsikanabasi Ese
Apostle Nsikanabasi Ese


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