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‘Many of us were sold on your Change Campaign’ – Charly Boy Writes Open Letter To Buhari

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Controversial entertainer, Charles Oputa, popularly known as Charly Boy has written an open letter to Nigeria’s president-elect, General Muhammadu Buhari of the All Progressive Congress as he braces up to take up the leadership mantle of the nation by Saturday, May 29, 2015.

This is coming up days after Charly Boy let out his opinion on the zoning formula and our polity.

In the letter, the former president of Performing Musicians Employers’ Association Of Nigeria, PMAN, held views that might represent those of the majority.

 Below is the full text of the letter:

Oga GMB,
How far? I trust you have been getting enough rest and getting ready for the mother of all battles in your life. You know how hard and how long you have fought for this and now that you have it, we can’t wait to see how our lives will change!

You must understand that our expectations are high, but you can’t blame us too much. By faith or design, you have become a symbol of renaissance for a nation that has been battered by mismanagement and unprecedented corruption. Kai! Odiegwu!

Many of us were sold on your Change Campaign, tired of the usual statuesque and many more just wanted a better life for ourselves and our loved ones. All eyes are on you, I trust you know that by now.

This Change should demonstrate to us possibilities, hope again for the youths of this country and a channeling back to those core values which we hold sacred. Anything less will be same of the same.  Shey you get?

Fact from fiction, truth from rhetoric, I know that it is foolhardy to expect that one individual alone can by himself/herself bring about this Change we desperately need and earnestly desire.

However, inasmuch as you need to raise a viable team to work with, using the formula of zoning won’t cut it. My earnest advice to you is to choose officers and men strictly on merit and not necessarily what geopolitical zone they come from.

Remember, this same zoning formula has been used at different times in this country, and each time, it has failed. The issue of zoning coming up now again is a reminder of times in the past that we desperately want to forget. Same of the same?

I would want to believe that you have come to heal and fix the rot.
It will never be easy because of the wolves and sharks amongst us who benefit big time from the corruption, the poverty, the confusion and hopelessness they inflict on Nigerians.

So after May 29th, as you put on your boxing gloves and crank your whip, we will be watching with bathed breath to see not only the will to fight this battle but the sincerity and strategies to lead us on the path of true healing for our broken Nation. Biko.

Oga me, e don set oooooo.

Much Respect,
Na me.
AreaFada, Charlyboy

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