Mike Tyson Tells CNN’s Don Lemon He’s Full of Sh*t During Interview...

Mike Tyson Tells CNN’s Don Lemon He’s Full of Sh*t During Interview [WATCH]

By Wires | The Trent on October 31, 2014
Mike Tyson speaks on stage during his speaking tour, "Day of the Champions" at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre on November 16, 2012 in Brisbane, Australia. (Photo Credit: Chris Hyde/Getty Images)

Everybody knows that ex-boxer Mike Tyson was nobody to mess with in the ring.  But that doesn’t mean he will let you get away with cheap shots outside either.  Somebody should’ve warned anchor Don Lemon about taking Tyson lightly…

Okay, okay… it wasn’t that bad.  Actually, it was all out of love, ironically.

Anchor Don Lemon had Mike Tyson on CNN to promote his new Adult Swim show “Mike Tyson Mysteries” and a new book.  Tyson felt he didn’t get enough time on the show to promote his new book and show, in which he responded, “What the hell did you put me on the show for?”

That’s when Tyson cried,”Don Lemon is full of sh*t!”

Lemon laughed and then replied, “I put you on the show to talk about your series.  We talked for a long time, actually.”

They both shared a laugh and shook hands, exchanging “Love you man’s” and whatnot.

As I said before, it really was’t that bad.  It could’ve been worse.  just ask that anchor from Canada, who tried Tyson in an interview.

Earlier in September, Tyson was interviewed about  meeting a mayor in Canada.   For some strange reason, the interviewer thought it was a good idea to bring up Tyson’s past of being accused of rape.  Tyson tried to keep his cool for as long as he could, but eventually, he ended up blowing up on the interviewer, cursing him out live on Canadian TV.

“It’s so interesting.  You come across as a nice guy but you’re really a piece of sh**.

The interviewer tried to calm him down, but Tyson kept swinging like he was still in the ring.  “You’re a piece of sh**. You didn’t have to do that.”

And then he finished the interview with the TKO: “F**k you!”

As you can see, either Don Lemon was ten times smarter than that Canadian interview, or he was lucky Tyson was in a good mood.

Do you think Don Lemon showed Tyson some respect on CNN?

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