If A Man Calls Another Man His “Lover, Bae, Hubby” Is He...

If A Man Calls Another Man His “Lover, Bae, Hubby” Is He Gay? This Rapper Says ‘No’

By Opinions | The Trent on October 31, 2014
Young Thug

by Joshua D. Copeland

After analyzing the lyrics of rapper Young Thug, a fan may notice that he uses the words, “bae, lover or hubby.”  When addressed, he says that he’s not gay.


What was suppose to be a clarification about the rumors of being gay ended up sending his fans into even more confusion.  When he was asked about using affectionate phrases in a Bossip interview, here was Young Thug’s response.

“It’s a language.  Its nothin stupid or fruity going on.  Its the way talk its the way we live.  Those are my baes, my lovers, hubbies – whatever you wanna call them.”

If it was any other rapper or singer, they would be harshly criticized for referring the dudes in their squad as pet names that you would call your girlfriends or boyfriends.  In fact, most of the rap music today openly bash on homosexuality, whether it’s ridicule or direct hatred.  It would be no surprise if Young Thug is throwing out this “language” theory to stay in the closet.

There had also been reports of Young Thug engaging in homosexual activity as well.  Not to mention putting photos of himself on social media where he’s wearing female clothing and calling it a fashion statement.  You’d have to be pretty gullible to believe otherwise.

Would it be a big deal if he admitted to being a homosexual?  In the Rap game, most likely.  Could he possibly start a trend for being the first openly gay rapper, though?  That’s another possibility. Then again, you also have to consider that if you’re calling your homies, “bae,” “boo,” and “lover” etc. you should also consider that people might assume that they’re playing for the same team due to association.

Now, there is nothing wrong with being who you are, whether you’re gay, straight, bi – it doesn’t matter.  But it is a great way to attract haters and criticism if you’re just doing it to grab attention. What do you think?  Is Young Thug really gay undercover?

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