Why PMP Certification Is So Desirable In The Current Business Environment?

Why PMP Certification Is So Desirable In The Current Business Environment?

By Lifestyles | The Trent on March 26, 2019
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Whether you are a project manager who is looking for a promotion or seeking a new job, or a human resources manager who is hiring for available positions in the field of project management, you, definitely, understand the value and the importance of the Project Management Professional certification in the relative field.

Going by a survey, there are a lot of openings coming up in the sector of project management; however, the employers are stressing higher on the need for hiring PMP certified employees. Hence, in the coming days, project managers without PMP certification will have to work extremely hard to secure a management post.

Therefore, if you fulfil the conditions of giving the PMP certification San Jose examination, you mustn’t think twice and should definitely go for it. If you are thinking as to why employers prefer project managers with PMP certification, then continue reading this post to get the required answers.

PMP Certificate
PMP Certificate

Why Employers Prefer Project Managers with PMP Certification?

Clients are necessitating PMP certifications

Almost, all the big names in the industry are demanding PMP certifications from their vendors. Whether you believe in the basic or fundamental value of PMP certification or not, the reality is that the biggies are simply making it compulsory. Hence, howsoever good a project manager might be in the field, if he/she doesn’t have a PMP certification, there are extremely fewer chances of getting hired.

This is especially true if a company bids for government projects. Government departments at all levels are likely to impose PMP certification as mandatory for the vendor. Even private entities whose entire business relies on following the processes in a defined and a logical order necessitate PMP certification. Therefore, more PMP certified project managers a vendor has, better it will be for it.

Hence, the employers have no choice but to impose PMP certification as a mandatory requirement for those who seek project management positions within the organization. The non-PMP certified candidates are simply rejected at the beginning itself.

Understanding of the project related terminologies

A good majority of the time of a project manager goes in communicating the things at higher as well as lower levels. Moreover, it is not certain that employees coming under the hood of the project manager belong to the same project. Hence, it becomes exceedingly important for a project manager to speak a common business language. PMP certification provides a complete understanding of the terminologies utilized in the project management framework, which, in turn, helps the PMP-certified project managers to communicate with the client and the vendor on the same level.

A very good analogy of this is the compulsory requirement of Maritime English for aspiring seafarers. Since the shipping industry is international, the seafarers will, indeed, belong to different nationalities. Therefore, in order to bring all the seafarers on a single level as far as communication is concerned, Maritime English came in the picture. This is because even the slight amount of miscommunication can put the integrity of the vessel at stake and even put the lives of other seafarers in danger.

The same scenario is valid for the projects as well. A slight amount of miscommunication can result in serious and sometimes unforgivable errors. However, when there is no shortage of PMP certified project managers, a common understanding of the project-related processes and techniques prevail thereby drastically reducing the chances of miscommunication.

A PMP Certification Displays the qualities of motivation and being goal-oriented

Employers are always on the lookout for committed, dedicated, and allegiant employees who are motivated towards the achievement of organizational goals and objectives. Employers prefer hiring persons who are committed to their professional development. There is no better way to demonstrate these two qualities other than going for a PMP certification.

When you are PMP-certified, the employer automatically comes to know that you have outstanding time-management skills since you juggled your personal and professional life well in the process of acquiring the PMP certification. Moreover, being PMP-certified showcases that you can handle an extra dose of stress perfectly well. All of this goes in your favor and eventually, the employer hires you for the position you always dreamt of.

A PMP certification shows that you can handle projects in a structured manner

Nowadays, collaborations between different businesses are on the rise. Each business will have a different set and different types of projects. Therefore, there is a need for standardized processes to manage these different types of projects effectively and efficaciously. It becomes vital for two organizations to follow a common set of methodologies when collaborating over a project.

Hence, if both sides have PMP-certified project managers, they can communicate and work over the project under the hood of a common set of processes and techniques thereby making the collaboration a huge success.

This is one of the very potent and powerful reason behind the employers preferring PMP certified project managers for their organization. In short, it is exceedingly true that the future of an organization becomes bright when it has a significant number of PMP-certified project managers.

A PMP certification displays your brilliance

Since, a PMP certification examination consists of a multiple choice examination, reading comprehension and a variety of other tests, it examines your decision-making abilities and the attention to detail in an apt manner. A PMP certification showcases your brilliance and implicitly tells the employers that you possess the capacity for thought and reason to a high degree.

Altogether, a PMP certification is enough to make you a class apart from the non-certified candidates. Therefore, an employer is more inclined towards hiring PMP certified project managers rather than hiring non-certified project managers.

Final Words

We hope you must have understood by now as to why employers prefer hiring PMP certified project managers. Reiterating the statement said in the beginning if you are thinking to go for PMP certification, go for it without a second thought as the same will, definitely, take your career to new, unimaginable heights.


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