Sex Can Wait! Women Are Crazier About THIS

Sex Can Wait! Women Are Crazier About THIS

By The Times of India on August 29, 2015
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Yes, it is related to sex and too bad if you don’t know about it! But your fellow ‘bhartiya naris’ have broken away from the shackles of the system, which required them to keep mum about their sexual desires and are going gaga over the ‘G’ word, G-spot to be precise.

The credit goes to the rising number of aestheticians promising a whole new world of sexual awakening to the Indian women. Moreover, activation of G-spot is the latest fad, which seems to have become a hit in this part of the world. We spoke with Dr. Bharti Magoo, a leading aesthetic surgeon, to understand the significance of locating one’s G-spot and why it’s driving Indian women mad.

“Today’s women have become more vocal and adventurous about pleasures of sex. They want to enjoy powerful orgasms, experience new levels of happiness with complete satisfaction and also ejaculation. This also improves their relationship with their spouse, heterosexual or homosexual. It is observed after many speculations that certain spot in vagina, when activated or stimulated leads to such orgasms. And, that spot is called the G-spot,” suggests Dr. Magoo, when quizzed about the whole hype surrounding the G-spot.

The concept of G-spot came into existence when German gynaecologist Dr. Ernst Grafenberg discovered that every woman had an erogenous area around her vagina that, when stimulated, could lead to strong sexual arousal, powerful orgasms and potential female ejaculation. A G-spot is typically located 2-3 inches up the front vaginal wall, between the vaginal opening and the urethra, and is basically an extension of the clitoris.

As per Magoo, Indian women don’t have to fake an orgasm anymore as they can actually attain one, that too by just getting a filler injected into their G-spots. All it takes in activating the G-spot is a collagen jab administered by an aesthetic surgeon after locating the G-spot and it not only revives the spot but also enhances the sexual pleasures for the woman undergoing the treatment. The spot is activated after local anaesthesia is administered to numb the area and the filler (collagen) is injected directly into the G-spot.

For now, the treatment is mostly opted for by women, whose sex lives have had to bear the brunt of the process of child bearing, but keeping in the mind the popularity of the treatment, looks like it could soon become a rage among women of all age.

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