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Why Being Single is So Awesome: 9 Truths About Single People

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Some people see being single as a bad thing. They feel that if they are not in a relationship it somehow means that their life is incomplete. Here are nine reasons why being single is great:

1. Single people get more sleep at night. It is much easier to sleep through the night when there isn’t someone next to you kicking, snoring, or tossing and turning.

2. A study from the University of Chicago in 2012 shows that single people are more likely to be employed. In 2009 6 million singles in America lost their jobs but since then over 90% have gained them back. Only 22% of married Americans got their jobs back.

3. Single people are more worried about their partner’s satisfaction in bed, 97% of single people according to a study from Match.com.

4. Single people who wait longer to get married have better marriages and are less likely to get divorced. Women who wait longer also tend to make more money.

5. Single people exercise more according to a study in 2004.

6. Single people are less likely to have debt. 36% of married couples with children had credit card debt, 27% of married couples without children had it, and 21% of singles had credit card debt. Single people are more on top of their debt that married people are as well.

7. Single people are resilient despite the stereotypes that are always held against them for being single. They still thrive and can live happily ever after.

8. Single people are more involved with political and environmental causes.

9. Single people that live alone are much more independent than those who are married. You can’t avoid chores that you don’t want to do and have to take care of all of the finances.

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