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#SoundOff: 10 Things About #EkitiGate And The Idiot Tope Aluko, By @FavourAfolabi

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[dropcap]T[/dropcap]hese are what I think about the on-going #EkitiGate saga.

1. I don’t believe he made a mistake

2. He was playing out a script – already given him some people in Power – who guaranteed him “he won’t be picked up” since they control the AGF, DSS, IGP Offices

3. ChannelsTV was also a part of the script – they are “the unofficial TV station of APC nationally” – they needed to prepare such a huge platform on primetime – Sunday evening to gain maximum traction

4. The timing of the TV debate was equally curious – why is Ekiti being discussed on January 31? For what reason? Was there an oncoming election in the State or what?

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5. Here is the reason – this is another plot by the APC as has been its preoccupation for the past 8 months to continually sell to Nigerians that “PDP is the most Corrupt party in the world and must not be taken seriously as the Opposition” – of course being a continuation of their plans to have a‪ #‎OnePartyState‬.

6. Tope Aluko, had more than enough confidence to come on air to tell the world he had PERJURED himself because some powerful people already told him “nothing will happen.”

7. Of course Buhari/APC won’t stop until they find enough tainted Character witnesses to tell the world “the GEJ you love to admire as the hero of Africa’s democracy is actually a thief” – there will be many more “Tope Alukos” mentioning his name in the coming weeks

8. And of course, we can be back to Stomach Infrastructure – APC can finally begin to prepare for the guber election in Ekiti telling the people there “we are the clean party.”

9. Shout all you care – Tope Aluko will not be picked up by EFCC or DSS or the Police – he was given the assurance of how this would end before he went to the studio

10. APC should continue this endless rat race as it inches closer to celebrating one year in Power; the world is already getting used to their modus operandi – that of “blame the outgoing government since you have no CLUE about National Governance” – sad but true!

Favour Afolabi is a political commentator who runs fbablogs.com in his spare time; and owns a real estate brokerage services company. He tweeted from @favourafolabi.

The opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author.

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