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15 Things You Didn’t Know Could Affect Your Sex Life

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Are you one of those who seldom wants to jump into bed and make love? You just never seem to be in the mood and you’re always making excuses. If you’re stuck scratching your head, wondering what’s wrong with your sex life, don’t blame your partner. There could be a lot of things harming your bedroom romance. From stress to lack of sleep and medication, here’s a list of things that can dampen your urge to get naughty under the sheets.

Stress: A hectic day at work followed by a distracted mind can dampen your sex life. This doesn’t come as a surprise since sex is something you will think of only when you are relaxed. So wrap up all your worries before you wind down for the day and you’ll start to feel frisky in no time.

Lack of sleep: Sleep plays a very important role in your sex life. If you haven’t slept well and yearn for a good snooze, then sex is going to be the last thing on your mind.

Arguments: If you are planning to pull up the argument you had with your spouse last week, it is sure to affect your sex life. Hurtful arguments and tension make for an uncomfortable ambience for sure.

Menstrual cycle: The female sex drive goes through multiple changes while on your period and you may not feel the need to get intimate at all. On the other hand, some experts say that around the time of ovulation a women’s sex drive is at its peak. So learn to work around this.

Medication: If you are on any kind of medication be it birth control pills, anti-depressants or simple allergens, it could all create chemical imbalance in your body, which can affect your sexual desire. So if you are feeling less sexy lately, blame the pill.

The mind: Your mind is famous for playing weird games, and all your sexual desires stem from there. Sometimes desire doesn’t kick in until you are into the act. So maybe you should try some foreplay before ruling out sex completely.

Family fuss: Regular interruptions from family members or even kids could put you off sex. After all, nobody wants to be disturbed when they are in the mood. Waiting till everyone’s asleep or moving to a place that’s unreachable might help.

Wrong foods: Just like aphrodisiacs help increase one’s sex drive, there are foods that could affect your sexual desires too. Snacking on wrong foods like meat, fried items and beans can actually cause an upset stomach and kill your sex drive.

Tech intervention: With the world going tech, it becomes difficult for couples to keep their mobiles and laptops out of the bedroom. But the only way to enjoy sex is to shut down all technology!

Bad stamina: Bad breathing habits could lead to low stamina and in turn affect your sex life, making you feel tired early in the act. On the other hand, focusing on your breathing can result in an unforgettable orgasm.

Smoking: Smoking affects not just your heart and lungs, but also kills your sex drive. The nicotine in cigarettes is linked to decreasing sexual arousal. So here’s another valid reason you need to quit if you still haven’t.

Television and movies: Watching television or movies in the bedroom can be a big distraction. Especially if the movie is sad, it will put you off all things sexy. On the other hand, a violent or scary movie may provoke stress and kill the mood for all things intimate.

Exercise: Although most people think exercise is good as it helps relax and increase the happy hormone – endorphin, exerting too much may not be good for your sex life as it makes you too tired for more activity.

Drinking: Drinking in excess can affect your sex life in more ways than you can imagine. The influence of alcohol could result in loss of consciousness with no action at all.

Pornography: Watching porn can harm your sex drive and how. This can cause over stimulation of dopamine and if this happens repeatedly it makes it tough for your brain to respond to your partner. Your best option is to avoid watching porn.

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