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Abuja Bombings Inspire A Call To Unite Against Boko Haram (READ)

Abuja is not a Northern city. Abuja is a city in the North Central part of Nigeria ( The Middle Belt axis) which is...

Indecision: President Buhari Reopens Military Checkpoints In ‘Non-Frontline States’

Barely 24 hours after ordering the closure of all military checkpoints across the nation, President Muhammadu Buhari has yet again ordered the reopening of...

Distress Call To Nigerian Army Saves Borno Community From Terrorist Attack

Communities around the Lake Chad boundary area have been saved from an imminent terrorist attack by the timely intervention of military troops. The terrorists were...

288 Rifles, 35 Rockets Seized From Terrorists Headed To Nigeria From Border Town

The recent calls for neighboring countries to join forces with Nigeria to oust terrorism in the region appears to be yielding fruit as Cameroon...

Junior Jihad: Four-Year-Old Al Qaeda Fighter In Syria Sprays Bullets From An AK-47 (VIDEO)

He is barely old enough to go to infant school, let alone fight in a savage civil war. Yet this youngster, believed to be...

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