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Nigerian Economic Council Ditches Buhari’s Social Register, Champions State Gov’t Social Safety Nets

ABUJA, Nigeria - Nigeria's National Economic Council, NEC, is opting for a new direction, disavowing the social register from the previous administration of Muhammadu...

Women Reveal 19 Things They Like About Their Boobs (READ)

From buying bras to breastfeeding, women across the world are #blessed with boobs. And no matter the cup size, there's a whole lot to...

Ladies: 10 Tips On How To Feel Confident About Your Small Boobs

A lot of women are self-conscious about their small boobs, when they don’t need to be at all and that is due, in no...

7 Small Habits That Steal Your Happiness

Habits, good and bad alike, take time to develop but once they are deeply ingrained in your mind, it’s well nigh impossible to get...

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