Mental Health: 5 Causes And 3 Ways To Combat Depression

Mental Health: 5 Causes And 3 Ways To Combat Depression

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Depression is a severe chronic disease that mostly prevails in young adults. People all across the world have been speaking up about their struggles with depression. The true essence of life comes when you have to worry less. Depression is a constant cycle of worry that eats away a person’s ability to enjoy life fully. When you are dealing with depression, you feel lost, sad, and lonely. The desire of living life vanishes as constant worry clouds your mind. The word depression is stigmatized a lot. People feel uncomfortable sharing their struggles and views on depression and as a result they don’t get the tools to combat this mental illness.

Who is more likely to suffer from depression?

You can have no reason to be depressed, but you can still feel depressed. However, people who have endured some kind of trauma or loss in the past are more prone to depression. You can also have mental issues due to hormonal imbalance as well. In our society, visiting a therapist means you have lost your mind. Although things are getting better and people are more accepting of such issues in our society. It is essential to emphasize your mental health and indulge in activities that help you achieve mental stability.

What causes depression?

There are a lot of reasons that can cater to a person feeling depressed. However, a person sometimes finds it extremely hard to pinpoint the actual cause. There are a lot of factors that can trigger a person’s mental health. A person will only be able to treat their mental issue if they know their triggering point. Let’s have a look at what factors can cause depression or trigger depression:

1.     Society’s pressure

A society can put a lot of pressure on a person to be a specific way or achieve things at a particular time. Some people are blessed to have supportive people around who celebrate their milestones with them. However, there is always an unsaid pressure that we give into from time to time. People feel the pressure to graduate from the university by 22; otherwise, you are too old for university. On the other hand, some mothers may feel a lot of pressure to be good and supportive of their kids.

There can be many points in your life where you will feel that you are not doing great. You may not be performing as per society’s norm, but you are enough. We fail to understand our potential and feel depressed if we are not able to do something right. Society’s pressure is a significant triggering factor when it comes to depression.

2.     A trauma in life

As humans, we all go through an immense amount of trauma. However, some of us may not go through as big of trauma as others. There is no guarantee that trauma would not haunt you forever. Some people have a slow coping mechanism, so they remain stuck in a specific lousy situation. When you keep thinking about a particular scenario in your head, you get immensely depressed.

You may go through the trauma of losing someone special or a breakup. There are millions of different kinds of trauma, but if you let them affect you too much, it will cause mental issues. Do you wonder what the most severe form of depression is? There are various depressive disorders, and it truly depends on whether they can combat it. Trauma can trigger anxiety to no end. A person must be able to implement specific practices to combat depression effectively.

3.     Lack of strong relationships

As humans, we crave stability in a relationship, and we require people around us who understand us. We truly appreciate the value of a relationship when we genuinely rejoice with people around us. A good parent-child relationship, student-teacher relationship, and husband-wife relationship can feel like heaven on earth.

The lack of stability in a relationship can break a person. You tend to feel alone in this world when you do not have people who genuinely value you and cherish you. You fall into a dark hole where you feel utterly disappointed with life. Is the rate of depression increasing? Well, the rate of depression is undoubtedly rising because people lack commitment in a relationship. In a time like these, a person must rediscover themselves and start doing what they love.

4.     Social media comparison

We live in a world where social media plays a massive role in people’s lives. We are frequently on social media, watching what all other people are doing. We are so much involved in each other’s lives that we have started comparing ourselves with every other person.

When we stop appreciating what we have and only focus on what others have, we lose our spark. Social media is integrating a lot of complexes in people. You tend to make social media and people on it a benchmark for your happiness. The constant comparison and sneak peek in people’s lives can take a toll on your mental health.

5.     Constantly seeking success

We live in a world where every individual is racing against time. We are so busy achieving things that we forget to sit and just enjoy a few moments. What is the number one cause of depression? It will not be enough if we give only one reason for depression. However, one of the reasons for depression is not feeling satisfied. No matter what we do and how we do things, we always think we could have done better.

It is okay to have a healthy competition with people and yourself. On the other hand, you must appreciate yourself for what you have achieved so far. Your life achievements do not have to be big. The most significant achievement in life is to have a sane mind and good health. Hence, it is high time to stop being so hard on ourselves and pat ourselves on the back.

Ways to combat depression without professional help

1.     Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is becoming increasingly popular due to several reasons. Lavender oil and CBD wax are great ingredients that are frequently used in the process of aromatherapy. The benefits of this process are uncountable. Arma therapy is viable if you want to control anxiety and depression. It also works best for bipolar disorder and improving the quality of sleep.

2.     Improving lifestyle

We all love ourselves a little more extra when we feel good in our skin. To feel good about yourself, it is crucial to maintain a healthy lifestyle. You must eat right and load your body with good food. When you eat right, you tend to feel lighter and more active. It is also crucial to work out to promote a better lifestyle. Although, it is okay if you have a cheat meal once in a while. We all love to have our comfort food when we feel low. Nonetheless, staying on a healthy diet and keeping a positive lifestyle is essential to combat depression and other illnesses.

3.     Meditate

When we talk about meditation, we mean you must indulge in activities that make you forget about all your stress. Music can also work as meditation for some people. Do something to switch off your mind and just be there in the moment. If you want to try your hand at meditation, then guided meditations work best for beginners. You can choose any time to meditate, but early morning works best. It tends to work like magic for those who use meditation to combat depression.


  1. Me and my friends were depressed. Do you really think that aromatherapy will help in this situation? I completely agree with the causes of depression, but none of my acquaintances and I could have overcome it without professionalism and treatment. This is a serious disease and it needs a serious approach. Especially now in the era of social networks, depressions are even more and they are even more serious. Over there, my friend began to have constant anxiety through Instagram, she somehow herself was treated there, until she brought everything to an extreme point and had to not only go to a psychologist, but also take a course of antidepressants

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