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[dropcap]B[/dropcap]eing married is nowadays considered to be old-fashioned. Young people find matrimony conservative and prefer to stay officially unattached. Countries with traditional views still believe that family is something essential in every person’s life.

There are advantages and disadvantages in being married. Apart from weight gain and argument, there are positive aspects. If the union is happy, what the couple may experience is financial benefits, support, and good health. Sociologists have proved that those who prefer to get married to their partner are happier in their relationship than those who stay unmarried. More than that, kids who are born to married parents are much happier and psychologically healthier. See if you agree with the following 10 opinions regarding marriage.

1. Longer Life
It has been estimated that the number of people who die is twice as high among unmarried couples. Married people take better care of each other, support their partners and provide help if needed. People who feel responsible for their spouse and kids feel the need to take care of themselves. They understand that there is someone who needs them. Advice: If you want to live longer, get married. Do not make a mistake though by marrying someone who is not your true soul mate!

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2. Looking After Yourself
Statistic data show that married females and males are healthier. Some married people feel so responsible for their beloved that they start taking better care of themselves, they quit bad habits which leads to a longer life. It is devastating and destructive to live in a relationship where people misunderstand and mistreat each other. In this case life can only be shorter and health much worse. So, the point here is not just to get married for the sake of marriage but to be happily married, enjoy your married life, love your partner and be loved back.

3. Lower Risk Of Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Married people have a regular and stable sex life. They do not need to constantly look for a sexual partner. This lowers the risk of catching sexually transmitted diseases. We are now talking about couples in which both partners love each other and stay loyal and faithful to each other. People who disrespect their spouses and cheat on them stay at a higher risk of STDs.

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4. Better Health
For women there are health benefits in being married. Good sex life proved a complete feeling of satisfaction and happiness. This influences mood and as we know, mental health is not less important than physical health. Research has proved that single people suffer from mood swings and even depression more often.

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5. Health Issues Solved
Not only ladies experience health benefits. Married men are also healthier both mentally and emotionally when they are married. They are taken care of, feel loved and needed. It’s good for men’s cardiovascular system. They are less prone to strokes, heart attacks and other diseases.

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6. Better Financial Situation
It is obvious that a couple spends more money than a single person. But the thing is that a couple makes better money and they can afford to buy more. Married men realize that they are providers for their wives and kids and start earning better money while single men can live on a lower salary since they are not motivated to work and earn more.

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7. Beating Bad Habits
Studies show that married people get rid of their bad habits much easier because their sense of responsibility for their family won’t let them drink or use drugs. Some quit smoking when they are motivated by their spouse and children. If you are single, then fighting your addiction on your own becomes far more difficult.

8. Easier To Take Care Of Kids
When you are not alone it is always easier, especially if we are talking about growing up children. Parents who share their responsibility for their children serve a better example. Their kids learn what a real family relationship is which will make them happier personalities in their future family life.

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9. Fulfilling Life
Since a couple earns better money it means that they can improve their living condition and buy a better house or apartment in a nice location. They can also afford travelling, better food and education for their children.

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10. Lifelong Companionship
Being committed to someone is great. It’s rewarding to have a person who cherishes and protects you. These are eternal virtues. They have always been highly appreciated by people. All of us dream that some day we meet someone special with whom we will spend the rest of our lives.

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