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10 Interesting Facts About Sleep You Obviously Don’t Know

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While you won’t lose a lot of weight sleeping, if you lose sleep, you will put on weight. There is substantial medical evidence to suggest that. When you don’t get enough sleep, it has an adverse effect on your appetite the following day. This is one of a set of ten facts about sleep that we bring to you in this article.

A lack of sleep changes the hormonal balance in your body and will make you feel hungry, even when you don’t need food. A good night’s sleep, then, will help you lose weight more efficiently, and here are ten most interesting facts about sleep:

1. The record for going without sleep is 19 days

Most people can’t stay awake for no more than 48 hours, but the longest recorded period of time for a human being to go without sleep was nineteen consecutive days. By the end of that time, though, the gentleman concerned, was suffering from hallucinations, slurred speech and paranoia.

2. Too much sleep is not good for you

If you spend too much time in bed it can affect your body’s ability to use insulin and it can cause the onset of diabetes, later on in life.

3. The moon can affect your sleep

The moon may not be able to turn you into a werewolf, but it can make you lose sleep. A study at one of Switzerland Universities found that subjects took five minutes longer to fall asleep, when there was a full moon, and they slept for about twenty minutes less.

4. Counting sheep won’t help you sleep

The idea of counting sheep, to get you to fall asleep, has been around for centuries and is believed to have emanated from shepherds, who fell asleep, while counting their flock. It’s not, however a very good way of inducing sleep, because the task is so boring that you start to think about other things anyway.

5. Sleep texting is the new sleep walking

Responding to text messages and emails has become so much an ingrained part of life that people are now doing it in their sleep. Whereas people used to go for a walk or make a cup of tea in their sleep, now it seems they answer their messages instead.

6. Alcohol does not make you sleep better

Although alcohol can make you feel drowsy and you may get asleep quicker, the quality of your sleep will be impaired. The idea of a quick drink before bedtime is actually counterproductive, because you won’t sleep so deeply and you are more likely to wake up again during the night.

7. The higher the altitude, the less you sleep

If you climb up on top of a mountain, then you are going to sleep less. Anything over about 13,000 feet and you are likely to experience sleep disturbance. This is thought to be because of the lower levels of oxygen, but you will adjust to this after about two or three weeks.

8. We are programmed to sleep twice a day

Our current sleep patterns do not actually fit with the body’s natural rhythm. We are programmed to sleep twice a day. One deep sleep at night and one nap at around 2.00pm. This is what causes the post lunch dip in energy levels that many people experience.

9. Many people don’t get enough sleep

Many people say that they can go without a full night’s sleep, but they may be deceiving themselves. Although the exact amount of sleep that each individual requires varies, a good average to work on is eight hours a night. Any less and it can cause depression, stress, high blood pressure and a weakened immune system.

10. Can more sleep help you to lose weight?

And finally, back to our original question of how your sleep pattern can affect your weight. Spending an extra hour or two in bed won’t shed the pounds for you, but not getting enough sleep certainly will pile them on. It has been proven in studies that women who get less than five hours of sleep a night gain a significant amount of extra weight, over time, than those who get seven hours of sleep or more.

Do you know some other interesting facts about sleep?

Stay happy and healthy!

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