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10 Tips To Tell If Your Partner Is Not Happy

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What makes a good relationship or a good marriage? He might not be shouting at you or throwing things around the room, but that doesn’t mean that he’s happy. Many guys find it hard to actually come out and say what they are really feeling, instead, they retreat in their shells and expect you to spot the signs. Find out if your man is trying to tell you something and read these ten tips on how to spot if he is unhappy:

1. He’s got really busy at work

If suddenly there seems to be a lot of overtime going at work at the moment, then watch out! Most men don’t like confrontation, so they would rather put in some extra hours at work, than face up to the truth at home.

2. There’s a silence at the dinner table

That’s not just a comfortable silence that you are experiencing at the dinner table. Mealtimes are the time that couples usually do talk to one another, so if you could hear a pin drop at your mealtimes, there might something wrong.

3. He has stopped wanting and expressing tenderness and love

If he has stopped expressing his tenderness and love, or it feels like he is just going through the motions, then there are probably some deep reasons for this…so you might need to investigate…

4. He always seems to have something else to do

If he always seems distracted and seems to always be too busy to talk, then that’s a sign that he is unhappy. Men dislike talking about problems, so he will find something else that needs to be done, anything, in fact, so long as it avoids him having to deal with the real issue.

5. He has become disrespectful

When a man really loves his woman, he would do anything to avoid hurting her. If your man has started to make rude or spiteful comments to you, then that might be his way of letting you know that things are not right.

6. He doesn’t call you anymore

If he is unhappy, then you will definitely find that he calls you less frequently. You might have noticed that whereas, he used to phone to tell you about his good news, now he doesn’t even tell you about it when he gets home. This could be a man that no longer wants to share things with you.

7. He doesn’t want to listen to you anymore

Perhaps he has become short tempered with you and instead of listening, he just says, ‘yea, you already told me that’, or, ‘I don’t want to talk about it right now’. That’s just another way of avoiding the conversation that he doesn’t want to have.

8. He’s spending more time with his friends

He’s been going out with his buddies more often, and he does go out, he’s getting back later and later in the evening. This is an obvious sign that he’d rather be somewhere else, than at home, at the moment.

9. He’s always busy when you call him

Every time you call him you either get no reply or very quickly, you hear, ‘I’m busy, I’ll call you back’. This doesn’t mean that he’s up to no good, but it certainly would suggest that there is a problem.

10. None of this necessarily means that he wants to end it!

Just because you see these signs, it doesn’t always mean that he was to end the relationship or that he has been seeing someone else. Men are little boys at heart and he could just be sulking over something. So spot the signs and understand them, because he’s not going to tell you what’s wrong otherwise!

Do you have some tips on how to fix a relationship?

Stay happy!

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