10 Strange And Funny Things Men Think Are Romantic

10 Strange And Funny Things Men Think Are Romantic

By Beauty And Tips on January 14, 2016
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It seems that women can stop worrying that the modern men have forgotten all about romance. Recent surveys have found that, it’s not that men forget or don’t care about romance; it’s just that their idea of romantic gesture doesn’t quite match that of a girl. So, just in case you are missing the romantic gestures that your man is making for you, here are ten of the rather odd things that men think are romantic:

1. Most guys think that doing the dishes is highly romantic

Believe it or not, many men honestly think that washing the dishes for you is a lovely, sweet gesture! Buy a dishwasher or hire a maid, now that would be romantic.

2. ‘Letting’ you watch what you want to watch on TV is a truly chivalrous gesture

Ah, what a sweetie, he lets you have the remote control once a month. Who says that men aren’t romantic!

3. Putting the toilet seat down is an expression of love

One in ten men, who answered a survey, thought that remembering to put the toilet seat down was a romantic gesture. Yes, you read that right, one in ten! Not roses, not a candle lit dinner for two, but putting down the toilet seat.

4. Not passing wind in bed is extremely gallant and brave behavior 

Men interviewed thought that they were being extremely gallant and brave by holding back on the farting in bed. The dedication that they show to their partners through this selfless act is actually probably welcomed by girls all around the world, who have ever suffered from the hovering bed clothes, caused by a man’s late night beer and takeaway.

5. Letting you hold his tools while he works on the car is a sweet moment of togetherness 

Love is about sharing and what better way for you to spend your Saturday afternoon, than passing spanners to your man, as he tinkers with the engine under his car. Probably not what you had in mind when you told him you want to do more things together.

6. Doing the ironing for you is dangerous, yet very beautiful expression of love

He means well, but this romantic gesture is fraught with danger. An iron is a hot and unwieldy instrument that is best left to the experts. If you’re lucky, all you have to do is ironing the clothes again, if you’re unlucky, you will be buying a new wardrobe.

7. Letting you watch sports on TV with him is a beautiful, touching moment for two

This is another touching moment of ‘togetherness’ for men. He’s letting you into his secret world by letting you watch his favourite team with him on TV. Just be sure to cheer at the right times and don’t ask too many questions.

8. Taking out the garbage is a clear sign of a man’s devotion

This is a job for a man, so most men will step up to the mark with this one. Taking out the garbage has become a standard sign of a man’s devotion, so be wary, if your man has stopped doing it!

9. Sitting through a romantic move with you is an act of sheer bravery

This is another act of sheer bravery on the part of a man – sitting through an entire romantic movie with you. While you might appreciate the gesture, by the end of the movie, after all the fidgeting, rustling and interruptions, you might be wishing he hadn’t bothered.

10. Cleaning up after himself is a true exploit

Putting things back where they came from, not leaving clothes on the floor, the occasional flick around the home with the vacuum cleaner are all things that men apparently believe a girl should be grateful for; so much for the modern, romantic man then.

And remember, all of these romantic gestures really were taken from a real life survey of men.

What other strange and funny things men think are romantic?

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Stay happy!

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