10 Surefire Signs He Is A Keeper

10 Surefire Signs He Is A Keeper

By Beauty And Tips on August 26, 2015
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When that special man comes into your life, you want to be certain that he is a keeper and that he’s going to be by your side for the long run. No one likes to think that their relationship will end in heartbreak, but there are no guarantees, so read these ten signs that he is a keeper and see how your man stacks up:

1. He shows a genuine interest in you

When he asks how your day has been, and he means it, you know that he genuinely cares about you. His interest in you goes far beyond a courteous pleasantry; he wants to know more about you and your aspirations. He wants to work with you to make all your days better.

2. He’s your best friend

You just like being together, whatever it is you’re doing. A keeper is just as happy cuddling in front of the TV with you, as he is going out for the night or going to bed. In other words, he wants you for more, than just the one thing.

3. He can’t bear to be apart from you

If you go a day without seeing him, then he calls you on the phone. He doesn’t call for any real reason, he just wants to talk to you and he hates it when you are not around.

4. He stands by you through the good and the bad times

The good guys will be there for you through thick and thin. It’s not just the good news that he enjoys hearing from you; he’s there for you, when the news is bad too. This guy stands out from the rest, because whatever mood you’re in, however you feel, you count on his love and support.

5. He has no secrets

There are no skeletons in this guy’s cupboard and if there are, he’s already told you about them. When a man is set upon spending the rest of life with someone, he won’t be keeping any secrets from his partner and he won’t hesitate in telling you about his past.

6. He wants you to succeed

This type of guy will want to share your successes with you and will be encouraging you all the way, be that in your work, your hobbies or in sport, he wants you to be the best that you can and he will help you to do it.

7. You’re his girl and he’s proud of it

He wants to introduce you to his family and friends, because he’s proud of you and loves being with you. He often makes public displays of his affection for you. He loves you and he wants the whole world to know it.

8. You are always his top priority

A good way to judge how serious a man is about you is to see where you sit in his list of priorities. If he values you above all else and you always come first, then you know how important you are to him; if his work and his buddies though come first, think again.

9. He shows respect to your family

Respect is always a healthy thing in a relationship, but the respect should be extended to your family as well. If he plays an active part in family gatherings and shows a keenness to get know your family better, then that is a sure sign that he wants to be a part of your life and that he is a keeper.

10. He talks about the future and you are in it

When you begin to share your plans for the future and those plans are being made together, then you know that you have found a keeper. Panning a future together is one of the most exciting parts of a relationship and it shows that your commitment to one another is sound.

What are other signs that a man is a keeper?

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