10 Tips To Stay Safe On A Solo Trip (You Need This)

10 Tips To Stay Safe On A Solo Trip (You Need This)

By The Times of India on January 3, 2014
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While the lovely planet offers lot of thrills for solo travelers, for a woman, it becomes absolutely essential to take care of safety and security of self. Here are some ways to ensure you feel safe while hop on to a destination of your choice:

1. Stay in the network: No network – no communication. Staying in the network zone of your service provider is always useful. For these days one depends so much on connectivity to even find out some details about the place you are visiting or for any other basic requirement. This is absolute essential for making use of your safety apps too.

2. Let only close ones know your travel plans: Share your travel itinerary only with very close pals and relatives so that they know where you are and your safety whereabouts without much worrying. Do not discuss your travel details over chats or on social networking and microblogging sites in details. Just share some basic details and give generic status messages.

3. Download safety apps: There are safety apps for each operating system. IOS, android, symbian et al. so depending on which OS does your smartphone run, install a user friendly safety app meant for women’s use. Try the app first and be sure to keep a shortcut of it on your smartphone screen for quick accessibility.

4. Upload pics post travel: Agree, you’re a social media addict and can’t hide your elation of travelling alone. But you can always do the same post your travel schedule. Beware of the cyber stalkers. Be online only for select people you have faith on.

5. Select a women- friendly tourist destination: Finding the right destination matters a lot, which includes finding a place to stay that is known to be safe for women travelers and its hospitality towards women travelling alone. Make a checklist of things and rate places based on your findings. Make some calls and seek your travelling agent’s advice also to egg on the perfect destination.

6. Avoid venturing into secluded places alone: Even though secluded spots do have a magnetic appeal, don’t give in to the temptation of venturing into too secluded areas alone. Either seek the company of a group with maxim women in it or check carefully facts about whether there have been untoward instances in the recent past in those areas and then make the decision.

7. Never answer the doorbell rung at odd hours: Let it ring, ring and ring again. Unless you have asked for room service – which you won’t in general past midnight, or invited any friends you have made on the course of your travel, be sure never to answer the bell if it rings at odd hours. Always keep the do not disturb tag on your door so that you can feel mentally safe and secure.

8. Carry an alternate cell phone: Carry an alternate cell phone so that you never go out of network or run out of charge. This will let you stay in touch with your dear ones on the phone.

9. Choose either a public transport or book a safe cab: If public transport is known to be excellent at a destinations, always bank on it to explore the city of your choice. Pick one directory that informs you of emergency numbers and all route and bus or train information. If you are on a city hopping mode and you want to make it a bit easy, you can think of spending some more bucks on hiring a well known cab service.

10. Trust your instinct: Last but most important, trust your instinct as a woman. If your instinct asks for you to listen to it, just pay attention and follow what you gut feeling says. And you will never regret the decision.

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