10 Wow Sex Positions For Multiple Orgasms

10 Wow Sex Positions For Multiple Orgasms [EXPLICIT CONTENT]

By iDIVA on March 11, 2014

Believe it or not ladies, multiple orgasms are very much possible! Although many of you might not have experienced the same, you can get off the edge multiple times by being fully aroused and with the help of lubrication. Also, multiple orgasms mainly depends on the sex position you’re trying. Here are some really exciting sex positions which guarantee multiple orgasms.

Side ride: While he lies down on the bed with one knee bent, straddle him by turning your body to either side. Slide him inside you and ride him as you press your clitoris against his thigh.

Missionary twist: Put a couple of pillows under your butt as you lie down on your back. Spread your legs wide, but keep your knees bent. Ask him to enter you at an angle higher than usual. Because of the pillow under your butt, he will be able to penetrate much deeper than usual.

Over the edge: Lie down on a table or any other hard surface and make sure your legs are in the air. Have your man enter you as you slide your legs over his shoulder. In this position, his public bone gets rubbed against your clit which gets you to finish in no time.

Doggy style: Make him enter you from the back while you are kneeling on all fours. Ask him to hold on to your butt to balance himself while he thrusts deeper inside you. This position allows him to penetrate deeply which indirectly increases the chances of him hitting your g-spot.

Back to back: If you’ve got a staircase inside your apartment, this is what you need to try! Both of you should face the same side while he sits on a lower stair. Sit on a higher one while he enters you and bend a little forward while he grabs your hips and thrusts deeper.

Twisted cowgirl: Just like the reverse cow girl, make your partner lie down on his back while you straddle him. Slide onto his member while you put your hands on the floor for support. He can hold onto your thighs while you thrust. This position gives you control of the speed and the angle making it easier for you to have multiple orgasms.

Flexisex: Sit on a flat surface while your partner hold your back. Raise each leg and place it over his shoulder. Have your hands around his neck as he enters you. This position brings you in extreme close contact with your partner and leaves no space in between you two, while giving a lot of space for penetration.

Ride with joy: Straddle your man while he lies down on his back and make sure you slide your legs straight so that your legs are on either side of his shoulders. Use the floor or his shins for support while you slide him in and move his member inside you like you control a joystick of a video game.

Raised leg spooning: Just like spooning, ask your man to lie behind you. Ask him to enter you while you lift one leg in the air. Make him shift his lower body into a half-kneeling position so that he can penetrate deeper. This position makes it easier for him to hit your g-spot and allows you to stimulate your clitoris too!

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