15 Things Everybody Does (But Nobody Admits)

15 Things Everybody Does (But Nobody Admits)

By Wires | The Trent on September 23, 2014
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1. Doubt Yourself

How many people do you know that seem like they just know what they are doing? They hold their head high and carry themselves with supreme confidence; seemingly able to meet life’s challenges without the crippling effect of self-doubt. Maybe you wish you could be like them, or maybe you are that person.

However, the truth is that we all have more in common than we do differences. Regardless of success, whether you’re working a dead end job or a high paid CEO, everyone has doubted themselves at various times throughout their life. How could they not? Life is confusing, chaotic, and full of challenges; no person can go their entire life without questioning their ability to succeed.

But because any sign of weakness is perceived as a character flaw, we try to put on a front to mask our insecurities. God forbid we admit that we just don’t know sometimes, that we sometimes make bad choices, and that often we just get lucky and things work out. Nobody has as much control over their life as they think. Our only hope is to get through it with enough confidence to achieve our own personal successes, whatever they may be.

2. Think About Death

Death is coming for all of us no matter what we do. Part of life is coming to terms with this fact and accepting its inevitability. It’s one of the unifying experiences of life.

Given this, it is not at all surprising that we all fantasize about our own deaths at some point. It’s not something most of us like to admit or talk about because of the negative connotations society will place on it. You must have mental issues to think such disturbing thoughts, right? But the fact is that thinking through the prospect of your death and the effect it would have on your loved ones is a healthy mental exercise. It shows that you have a good sense of introspection, awareness, and self worth. As long as it’s not a consistent issue, don’t feel strange or guilty about it.

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