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LADIES: 21 Signs He Is Only Interested In Sex Not A Serious Relationship

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I hear so many of my friends talking about how they met a guy and had wonderful sex and then the guy only calls or comes by when he wants sex. OK honey what you need to know is that what you had with him was a physical #attraction that magnified feelings of a deeper nature. Now let me make myself clear he is not a bad #guy, for the most part, he was simply thinking “it’s just sex what’s the harm in that”. So here are some super signs to #look for to see if it is just sex:

1. Every Time You See Each Other It’s Only to Have Sex

So many women and men are having this type of #relationship thinking that it’s more and it’s not. It’s Just Sex.

2. Only Comes over at Night

They call you around 10 pm or later asking if you can come over or if they can come over around midnight. A lot of people think “oh they are just really busy” no they are calling for a #booty call. It’s Just Sex.

3. Doesn’t Want to Go out Anywhere

Yes staying at home is nice sometimes but there is a whole #world outside of the bedroom. It’s Just Sex.

4. Never Talks about Family and Friends

Think, do you even know if their parents are alive, do they have siblings. If you don’t know it might just be sex.

5. Doesn’t Want to Hear about Your Family and Friends

Are you bummed out about your family and want to talk about it and they don’t want to hear about it. It could be just sex.

6. Phone Conversations or Text Messages Are Only in a Sexual Nature

Do you only swap sexy texts or photos? Some relationships are like this but others are Just Sex.

7. You Only Meet at Places Where Sex Can Occur

Only going to their house/apartment or vice verse might just be sex.

8. No Sleepovers

They come over at midnight have sex and then around 2 am they want to go home or send you home. Oh yeah it’s just sex.

9. You Don’t Eat Together

Ever hear that old saying “a couple that eats together stays together”.

10. They Take a Shower Right after Sex and Send You on Your Way

Normally you want to rest a bit and maybe talk. When they all of a sudden they want you to leave it’s probably just sex.

11. Never Talk about Life outside the Bedroom

There are so many other things going on that you could talk about.

12. You Only Have a Cell Phone or Beeper Number

It could be Just Sex.

13. When You Talk It’s Only to Setup a Sex Time

Ever call then and setup a time to meet and you end up having sex. It’s Just Sex.

14. They Avoid You in Public

You see them and you know they saw you and they turn away. It’s Just Sex.

15. Only Spends a Couple of Hours with You

Only spend enough time with you to have sex. Then It’s Just Sex.

16. There is No Quality Time

No matter how busy he says he is, if was serious about the two of you he’d make an effort to spend #time with you outside the bedroom.

17. He Keeps His Distance

He makes sure the two of you never get too close emotionally by keeping things from you. If you tell him you like it when he does a certain something, he’ll stop because he wants to keep #things casual emotionally.

18. He Tells You so

Has he ever straight-up told you that he’s not interested in anything serious and just wants to play the field? He wouldn’t be saying these #things if it weren’t true!

19. You Initiate All Communication

If it’s not about sex, all communication is likely to come from you. Are you the only one suggesting dates? Are you the only one who tries to start a real conversation when the two of you are together?

20. He Doesn’t Care if He Hurts Your Feelings

If you get visibly upset about the lack of communication or closeness between you two and doesn’t care, he probably doesn’t care about you, either.

21. He Cheats

Or should I say he has multiple sex partners that he’s not very private about. If the guy is openly having sex with multiple partners, it is definitely not a #relationship.

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