3 Key Reasons Your Business Should Have A US Phone Number

3 Key Reasons Your Business Should Have A US Phone Number

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Has your business been considering a way to gain access to the United States’ markets to grow your business? If so, you should know that having a US phone number can greatly exponentiate your business’ expansion attempts, gaining significant benefits in the process that can make your business successful in the long run.

In this article, we will take a look at a number of key reasons why you should have a US phone number.

Access to One of the World’s Most Robust Economies

The United States is one of the most affluent countries in the world. Considering that many Americans prefer to handle their business on the phone, US phone numbers enable your business to tap into one of the world’s most robust and exciting economies. The reason this is possible is because modern US phone numbers are powered by virtual phone number technology. Virtual numbers are a type of technology that uses cloud computing and VOIP to connect callers with one another no matter where they’re located in the world. Because virtual phone numbers are powered by the Internet, you can have a phone number in any city or region of the United States — as well as in over 140 countries around the world.

As an example, suppose that your business works in the oil industry and wants to create an authentic business presence in Texas, where a large percentage of the country’s oil business is handled. By using virtual phone numbers from a trusted service provider, your business can have phone numbers based in Dallas/Ft. Worth, Houston, Austin, Galveston, and many other oil-rich areas that makes it significantly more likely that domestic businesses and B2B clients will want to do business with your company — even if your company is headquartered elsewhere in the world.


Traditional methods of business expansion, typically those used by businesses in the later part of the 20th century, simply aren’t relevant to the global marketplace nowadays.

These methods included leasing or purchasing property, hiring foreign staff, following local regulations, opening up a foreign bank account, pay licensing fees, and so forth — all before earning a profit that makes the endeavor worthwhile.

By contrast, virtual phone numbers require significantly less capital and can give your business ample evidence as to whether it would gain traction in the United States. In fact, service providers like Global Call Forwarding offer free trials to experiment with the service and see whether it is a good fit for your business model.

Professional Appeal

Appearances are very important in how Americans view your business. Just by having a US phone number can be a statement to your business’ success in gaining a share of markets, even if it is a subconscious element to how your organization is viewed.

While having a phone number opens up lines of communication to Americans that would otherwise charge long-distance fees or be blocked by their service provider, the professional appeal of having a phone number that’s based in the  United States gives your organization clout that your competitors may be missing. After all, think of how many organization you would personally do business with if they didn’t offer a domestic phone number to call?

Of course, there are a number of types of virtual phone numbers available to businesses. And as you may know, virtual phone numbers are available as toll free numbers, including ITFS numbers and UIFN numbers (“International Toll Free Service numbers” and “Universal International Freephone Numbers,” respectively). When dialed, toll free numbers allow callers to reach your business without paying long-distance fees; instead, the subscriber (your business) pays the fee to open lines of communication. By offering this service to your potential customers, you provide a professional courtesy and make it more likely that consumers will want to do business with your brand.


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