31 Cheap And Fun Date Ideas For Couples

31 Cheap And Fun Date Ideas For Couples

By The Trent on November 13, 2014
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by Amanda Bradbury

Spending quality time together with another person doesn’t need to cost that much, after all love doesn’t cost anything. Sometimes the most fun you’ll ever experience costs little to nothing. If you’re low on money or just tired of the same kind of dates over and over again, then try these ideas for a fun inexpensive change of pace.

1. Go on a virtual vacation together.

Take a 3-D virtual tour around the world together with 360 Cities. Pick a different city to explore once a month together. You could even plan out a vacation together; even if you don’t go, it’s still fun to plan something together and spend time finding out what you and your partner would like to do or see.

2. Watch funny YouTube videos.

Compile a list of funny YouTube videos to share together or take a look at some lists people have already put together online: YouTube’s 50 Best Videos according to Time magazine, Top 20 YouTube Videos, 50 Funniest YouTube Videos of All Time.

3. Stargaze while laying on a blanket outside.

Grab a blanket and go outside in your yard, snuggle up together with some hot chocolate and watch for shooting stars. Use the free Sky Map app to see which constellations and planets you’re looking at in the night sky in front of you. This is an especially great idea whenever there’s a meteor shower to watch.

watergun fight

4. Grab some water guns at your local dollar store and have a water gun fight.

Or you could always opt for water balloons and pelt each other with them. This is a fun outdoor activity in which you can play hide and seek, run around like kids, and generally have a fun time.


5. Picnic at a local park.

Pack a lunch for the two of you and be sure to bring some bread to feed the ducks if there’s a pond. Enjoy a nice day outside walking around the park and pick a spot to sit down and share lunch. You could even bring a game along to play after you’ve enjoyed the park.

6. Game night with stakes.

Have a game night with stakes set ahead of time. The stakes could be anything you want, like something your partner has to do for you if they lose, or it could be something around the house, like they have to do all the chores for a week, or perhaps something a little frisky, like they have to undress for you and do as you say. You could play anything, a game of cards, board games, or even a video game.

couple sharing shake

7. Share a milkshake, a Frosty, cookies, dessert or some other snack.

Grab just dessert together somewhere. It could be a cheap Frosty from Wendy’s, a milkshake that you share with two straws, two cookies, or a large piece of pie. Grab something that both of you like and split it with each other. Remember whipped cream on top of anything makes it even better. You could even go to the store and grab a small dessert or ice cream to indulge in together.

8. Have a spa night at home giving each other a massage.

Be sure to include candles, massage oil, and essential oils. Feathers make for a great add-on to a massage; just rub them over your partner before, during, or after the massage.

9. At home themed dinner and a movie night.

Choose which cuisine you and your partner would like to make together (Mexican, Italian, Asian, Thai, etc.) and pick a dish to make at home. Watch a free movie at home usingPopcorn Time, or Hulu or Netflix if you have a subscription, or pick up a movie from Redbox (you can get codes for free or discounted rentals all the time).

10. Write a piece of fiction together.

Sit at a coffee shop or at home together and take turns writing lines.

couple volunteering

11. Volunteer together.

Make DIY homeless care kits or volunteer with a local organization.

couple biking

12. Do something together outdoors like walking, running, hiking, biking, or swimming.

Get outside and get some sunshine and fresh air together. Being active together and/or exercising together can help both of you.

13. Movie marathon weekend.

Pick a trilogy or a series to watch and marathon it all weekend.


14. Make some crafts together.

Check out Pinterest for lots of creative DIY craft ideas; make paintings and other stuff for your home.

15. Go on a scavenger hunt together.

Participate in a local scavenger hunt or create one of your own.

16. Watch a movie at home on mute while the two of you improvise the language.

This could make for a really fun and silly time! Just make up fun stuff as you go along; the funnier the better.

couple watching sunset

17. Watch the sunrise and/or sunset (even better from the beach). Pack a blanket and some snacks to share.

Pack a picnic breakfast, dinner, or snack, and cuddle with your partner while watching the sunrise or sunset.


18. Take a free class and learn something together.

Take a free class, either locally or online, together. Learn something new together, maybe a new language, a new skill, cook something new together or read a book together.


19. Chocolate tasting night.

Buy different types of chocolate to taste test and compare.

20. Watch airplanes take off and land.

Go to your local airport. Make sure you’re in a good area that you’re allowed to be in and watch the planes take off and land.

21. Build a fort and make out inside of it.

Build a cute little fort and make your way inside of it. Crawl under it together and make out.

Young couple playing mini golf

22. Play a game of putt-putt golf.

Putt-putt golf makes for an inexpensive, yet fun date. Take turns hitting the golf ball into 18 holes; keep score to see who wins.


23. Play a game of pool at your local pool hall.

Challenge each other to a game of pool.

24. Watch a local sporting event (football, baseball, basketball).

Take in a local football game on a Friday night.

25. Ask each other lots of questions to get to know one another even better.

To help you out, here’s a list of 50 questions.

charcoal in terracotta pots

26. Light charcoal in terracotta pots lined with foil for tabletop s’mores.

This is a cool dessert idea.

couple dancing

27. Dance together.

You can slow dance or learn how to do a specific kind of dance with your partner. Put on a slow song and get romantic.

28. Go to a local museum that’s free or cheap. Science and art museums are awesome choices.

Museums give you a chance to get out, walk around, learn some new things, and enjoy spending time together.

29. Go on a local road trip. Search for local attractions that you haven’t explored yet.

Research a couple of places you haven’t been to around your local area and plan a trip together.


30. Explore a virtual haunted house together.

Check out this interactive haunted house or Fright Bytes haunted house.


31. Go on a Geo-caching treasure hunt.

Search for nearby geocaches and have fun finding treasure together.

Amanda Bradbury is a personal finance freelance writer who received a B.S. from Old Dominion University. When she is not writing she enjoys crossing items off her bucket list, travel, couponing, crafts, living better with less and sharing helpful information on her blog, the Frugal Idealist.

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