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4 Things That Keep You Stuck To Your Ex After A Break-Up

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It can be quite easy to make decisions in a relationship without considering what may occur in the event of a break-up. This doesn’t mean that couples should walk around everyday with their fingers crossed, hoping that their lover doesn’t leave them, but it does mean that there should be open dialogue and foresight to help both of you navigate a potentially sticky situation incase of a break-up. Failing to do this will leave you in a pool of regrets and feeling miserable. Quite frankly, there’s nothing worse than wanting to walk away from a relationship and an individual, but having something or someone forcing you to stay connected to the person you wish to leave.

Below are four things that keep you stuck to your ex after a break-up:

  1. Children. Whenever I hear someone say they’re “not ready” for marriage, yet they’re a parent, I give them this advice: It’s better to get married, not have children, and then divorce versus committing to a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship, getting pregnant, and then breaking up. Why? Because children keep you glued to your ex forever. Yes, I truly mean forever. Most people boast that they can cut ties with their children’s other parent once the child turns 18; however, that’s not true! Your child will (hopefully) go to college and graduate, (hopefully) purchase their first home, (hopefully) find someone to love, and (hopefully) raise a family. You don’t think you and your ex will be involved in during those precious moments? Think again. You and your ex are tied to one another for the rest of your lives through your child.
  2. Pets. Just like children, pets warm their parents’ hearts, and make it increasingly difficult to part ways with a lover following a break-up. I’ve heard of instances where couples have shared custody of a dog, having it spend one week at one parent’s house and the other week at another’s, until its death. If you want to be able to get out of a situation without having to revisit your ex, do not buy your lover a pet.
  3. Bills. It was cute when the two of you decided to get the utility bills in each other’s names while you were together, but it quickly becomes a thorn in your side following a break-up. Your ex could ruin your credit if they fail to pay fees that were racked up on a bill that’s in your name.
  4. Businesses. If you’re able to launch a profitable business with your lover, make sure both of  you are protected in the event of a break-up. An attorney can provide you with the contract(s) you’ll need to explicitly detail what is to occur to the business in the event of a break-up. If you’re smart, you’ll try to make decisions that will benefit the business — not your ego.Read More

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