4 Unbelievable Reasons Women Fear Intimacy

4 Unbelievable Reasons Women Fear Intimacy

By DFTM on June 26, 2015
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Almost everyone brings some emotional baggage to a new relationship; however, one of the most common though least talked-about issues is a woman’s fear of intimacy. If you believe despite having an otherwise satisfying relationship, your girlfriend is somewhat apprehensive about coming close to you, here are four reasons why women fear of intimacy.

1. She has a poor body image
Every woman has an issue with some part of her body, such as her stomach, butt, wide hips or breasts; however, she may feel victimized by her own body and think that you will judge her imperfect body as harshly as she does. If she is self-conscious about certain body parts, and you happen to love them, tell her so often. Eventually, she’ll feel less self-conscious and will let you take a closer look.

2. She’s inexperienced in the bedroom
Although many of today’s women have enough experience to hold their own in the bedroom, there are still some women who don’t have much or any experience when it comes to lovemaking. Even if she’s not a virgin (yes, they do still exist), she may have only had one partner or a couple of short-lived relationships and the thought of being with someone completely new may scare her. Whatever the case, awaken her sexuality slowly and do all the sensual things way before you even think about engaging in the ultimate act of love.

3. She suffers from a broken heart
A woman could also be hesitant to give her heart away if it has recently been broken. Intimacy is synonymous with pain, and if her last boyfriend didn’t treat her properly or cheated on her, she’s probably in self-protect mode and only a great guy who she feels is trustworthy and not out to hurt her will be able to snap her out of it.

4. She has a traumatic past
Past dysfunctional relationships and romantic disasters may have also contributed to her lack of confidence and intimacy. An inability to open up may also stem from deeper, more serious wounds. For instance, a victim of domestic violence or sexual abuse may experience an aversion to closeness with men that is difficult to overcome. Under such circumstances, you need to check your sexual advances and wait for girlfriend to heal herself before she can be comfortable with you in an intimate setting.

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