4 Ways To Set The Mood For A Romantic Night

4 Ways To Set The Mood For A Romantic Night

By The Times of India on December 25, 2013
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Behind the scenes of every successful rendezvous are subtle, but well-thought-out details. Each of our five senses — taste, sight, smell, touch and hearing — have their own specific purpose. In order to set the mood for romance, it’s important to become aware of the sensual triggers within each of them. The key to romance is to play with these senses and through them slyly insinuate the pleasure that is to come. We suggest some simple things you can do to enhance the intimacy of your most intimate room, the bedroom. Most of these are quick fixes that don’t cost much, but are priceless enough to send your beloved straight into your arms.

Paint a floral fantasy
There is nothing unsexier than a messy, cluttered bedroom. So, before you do up the room, clear up the space for the night. Use the beauty, fragrance and pleasing effect of flowers to your full amorous advantage. Not only will a room with beautiful floral arrangements create a good impression, the freshly cut flowers lend a sense of freshness to the atmosphere. Make a trail of flowers for your lover to follow, scatter rose petals on your bed or surround your bed with a garland of flowers.

Food to get in the mood
We aren’t proposing a meal, but a combination of universal favourites champagne and strawberries that seem destined to be together. There’s something seductive about a ripe, red strawberry brilliantly adorned in its bubbly bling. Buy the best bottle of champagne you can afford. Chill it for at least three hours before you plan to pop it open. Grab two flute glasses. Add just a pinch of sugar to the bottom to really make the champagne bubble. Place one, cleaned ripe strawberry in each glass and pour the champagne to the rim. Raise a toast to each other. After you both have emptied the glass, feed the berry to your partner… very slowly.

Dim the lights
As old-world as it sounds, using candles in the bedroom almost always works. The warm glow of candles caresses the senses and softens silhouettes. Candles stimulate the senses by softening the distractions that bright lights produce. Their light reflects beautifully in the eyes and skin of the person you love. You can go the whole hog for a special evening by dotting the entire room with an assortment of candles, or arrange them in circles around the bed before the action moves onto it.

Play with the sense of smell
Research has shown that emotions, including happiness and sexual arousal can be communicated through smell. Shop for incense sticks, sensual massage oils and aromatherapy oils in the fragrances that your sweetheart loves. Scents that have been used for centuries as aphrodisiacs include vanilla, sandalwood and rose. Clary sage, jasmine, neroli, patchouli, vetiver and ylang ylang are other heady, exotic scents associated with sensual pleasures. Aromatherapy scents can also be used in diffusers to infuse the air with fragrance.

Bedroom prepping tips
– Replace neon lights with warm lights through table and floor lamps
– Install dimmers for fixed lights at a handy location, like the bedside table
– Keep a variety of soft music on hand
– Make the bed the focal point of the room
– Clear clutter. Get rid of television sets, stationery and work-related paraphernalia
– Put up pictures of the two of you together


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