5 New Dating Rules That You Must Know

5 New Dating Rules That You Must Know

By The Times of India on June 3, 2015

Nothing too serious, no one in particular, and no clue of a relationship ending – that thing called love couldn’t get more complicated than it already is

Non-date date
Youngsters don’t label a dinner as a date these days. They like to keep it open. A ‘non-date’ date includes alcohol, eye contact, flirty vibes and a lot of confusion. A recent poll reveals that 73 per cent of women surveyed had been on outings where they couldn’t tell if they were on dates or just a casual excursion. But maybe it’s not all that bad. You may not get together but you may end up expanding your social circle. Says relationship coach Malti Bhojwani, “People have a far more relaxed approach to dating these days. It isn’t as if they have been waiting for a date night to happen their entire lives; the approach is quite casual and friendly.”

Are you ‘on a thing’?
Generation Y doesn’t label a relationship as `serious’. Neither do they confess to “seeing someone”.They’d rather say someone’s `on a thing’, when a person is dating exclusively and is committed. This refers to the phase when people don’t want to make their relationship official but are slowly going in that direction.

Do you text the object of your affection more than you see him/her? Then you are in a `text lationship’. It’s all about texts and sexts. You have flirt sessions and become an expert in playing the attraction game on either the phone or the social media. Love sonnets are one-line affairs or come with smileys.

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe…
It’s no longer about The One. Love now is a Multiple Options Game. This is the strongest trend of 2015, both online and in the real world. Also known as the `catch and release’ game -when dating is only about the chase -this trend comes with risks. In a lot of cases, as soon as someone takes the bait and is reeled in, the initiator backs out! Ouch! Be warned: You will never see the breakup coming because the `dater’ has been persistent and laid the trap well.

Hook-up heartbreak
This happens when you are dumped suddenly, without an explanation. Relationship expert Tia Singh says, “These hookups are casual, happen over a couple of dinners, followed by great conversation and a good promise. But then either the girl or the guy backs off and disappears from the other’s life! He’s around on the social media, but vanishes from your life, leaving you with a hook-up heartbreak.”

Ouch, again. Be careful.

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