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The 5 Ps To Take Your Sex Life From Good To GREAT

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Want to take your sex life from good to great? Sexologist Dr Gabrielle Morrissey says you need five things.

The 5 Ps of a great sex life

1. Priorities

Make sure your intimacy time – just the two of you alone – takes precedence. Erotic physical closeness is a necessity in a successful, satisfying relationship.

2. Playfulness

Sex for procreation is the minority expression of our sexuality. Over a lifetime, couples will have far more sex for recreation. Make sex your adult playtime, and have fun with it. Sex doesn’t always have to be a soap opera seduction. Laugh, giggle, play games, tease and please.

3. Pleasure

Sex and intimacy is about pleasure, not necessarily orgasm. Focus on the giving and receiving of that pleasure, rather than the goal of orgasm, for a total experience of physical and emotional joy.

4. Pampering

We’re more in the mood for sex when we feel good and are energised. Making love takes time, concentration and effort, so to be primed for pleasure, make sure you take time out for yourself. De-stress, exercise, do things to make yourself feel sexy and sensual (such as nice lingerie, beauty treatments, massages, new cologne). Investing in yourself and your sexiness will pay off in your love-life.

5. Partnership

Research has revealed that good sex is about feeling connected to your partner. Since sex is a shared activity, make sure you bond with your lover outside the bedroom. The more you feel like a couple, the more you’ll feel connected and satisfied in your lovemaking.

(via Body+Soul)

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