5 Signs You’re In The Friend Zone

5 Signs You’re In The Friend Zone

By DFTM on March 14, 2014
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Many men believe that by acting as a woman’s best friend or love counselor, they can somehow become her knight in shining armor and “backdoor ” their way into her heart or her bedroom. This may work well in Hollywood, but in real life, you’re just kidding yourself. You’re a “friend,” and she doesn’t want you for sex.

In real life dating, it’s much easier for women to place men into the category of “friends” rather than admit them as lovers. In fact, for a woman, a male friend is the best of both worlds: She can reap all the benefits of having a man around without admitting him as a lover. So how do you know if you’re trapped in the “Friend Zone”? Here are 5 signs.

1. She doesn’t bother looking nice for you
Women generally put a lot of effort to their personal grooming for the guy that they are interested in, so if she doesn’t try and fix herself up for you when you’re around her, take this as an indication that she wants to be “just friends” and has no romantic interest in you.

2. She constantly talks about other guys around you
She asks you for advice about different men she’s attracted to and constantly tells you about all her problems with them. When a woman you’re interested in becomes comfortable enough to openly talk to you about all her problems with other men and asks you for advice about the guys she’s attracted to, she doesn’t see you as a potential lover.

3. She tells you that you’re like a brother to her
If she tells you that you’re like her brother, she sees you as a male friend that she can have around to protect her at all times without the hormone-based entanglements that sex brings to the table. She’ll say things like: “I feel like I can talk to you about anything,“ “You‘re really a nice guy,” “You‘re just like a brother to me,” “You‘re my best friend,” and “You understand me”. Remember, you may understand her, but the bad boy she’s making out with doesn’t.

4. Your compliments don’t affect her
Women always feel happy and rejoice for compliments from guys that they actually like. But if all you get is a simple “thanks,” you are definitely stuck in the friend zone.

5. She tells you“I don’t want to risk losing what we have”

You build up the courage to ask her out and she hits you with one of these lines: “I don’t want to mess up our great friendship,” “I’m just not ready for a relationship right now,” “I don’t want to risk losing what we have,” and so on. Then, shortly after rejecting you, she tells you excitedly, “I just met a really great guy!


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