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5 Style Tips For Single Men

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As a single man, you have every reason to dress  well and look your best.  Once you get the girl, she may even take the pressure off and help you purchase the right threads, but for now, here are five fashion and grooming tips you don’t want to blunder:

1. Get yourself a great pair of shoes (including one pair of black shoes and a great sneaker) and for those who have wide feet go out of your way to find a nice fashionable shoe; make sure they are clean and well cared for.  As shallow as it may seem, some women will not give a guy the time of day over ugly, dirty, scuffed-up shoes!

2. Many heterosexual men think it’s not masculine to get manicures or pedicures.  Guy’s this is far from the truth!  Most women I meet say they like men with nice hands; this includes clean and neat fingernails…no girl wants to picture dirty fingernails on her much less inside her!

3. If you don’t have a big budget for clothes you must invest in at least one of each of the basics:

A. Good suit

B. Pair of tailor-fit dark jeans

C. Button down shirt

D. Navy blue blazer

4. Here is one of the worst fashion faux pax…wearing baggy clothes, and I’m not talking about the urban look if that’s what you are into.  Still, baggy clothes are unflattering particularly for men carrying a little extra weight—this makes you look heavier!  Get nicely fitted clothes even if that means going to a tailor.

5. Get on a hair-grooming regimen, determine a budget for haircuts and go every six-weeks or how often you need to look your best.  There are barbers and stylist of varying budgets who can also advice about what hair product to use.  Here is a tricky subject…losing your hair?  I’ve been polling women about this, if you’ve lost most of the hair on top of your head, just shave it all off.  African American men picked-up on this a long time ago but some Caucasian men are still figuring it out.  You look younger and sexier with it all off then holding on to a little bit of side hair that takes away from your good looks and it makes you appear older.  If you must have hair, then sport a nicely groomed goatee.

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