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5 Things You Absolutely MUST Know About Your Partner Before You Get Engaged

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[dropcap]K[/dropcap]nowing you want to marry your guy is only part of what you have to be sure of before there’s a ring on your finger. Check out these 5 tips from our friends in Glamour you must learn about in order to have a happy marriage.

Past Relationships

All of the significant ones (you can leave out the part about the boy you “dated” for two weeks in sixth grade and only communicated with in notes). You don’t need to share every gory detail, but you need enough information so there are no surprises later on if these people ever resurface. Covering the basics–when you dated, for how long, and why you broke up–is plenty. Another key topic to cover: past marriages. You must know the details of divorce agreements because alimony payments can put a big dent in your budget.

Whether or Not You Want Kids

No matter how much you love each other, I’ve seen this be a deal-breaker for couples. If you or your boyfriend feel strongly about wanting or not wanting to have children, you must be on the same page about this now, otherwise you’ll definitely run into problems after the wedding.

The Possibility of Kids Already Running Around

If he has a relationship with children he has from previous relationships, you’re probably already in the know about those little ones. If he cut ties with women he had unprotected sex with, you need to know about it. Years into a family friend’s marriage, she found out that her husband had a child with an ex who gave the baby up for adoption. The couple stayed together, but that fateful phone call from a daughter who wanted answers prompted a rocky couple of months in the family friend’s marriage.

Your Takes on Religion

Even if neither of you are particularly religious now, a wedding, marriage, and kids can change that. So you need to know how important religion could become, and what religion that may be, if you get to those points in your relationship. Don’t believe me? A friend wound up calling off her engagement when ceremony planning turned her once apathetic fiance into a religious zealot. Of course no one can predict the future, but your fiance probably knows if he has the potential to become more or less religious.

What His Family Is Like

Odds are, you’ve met them if you’re ready to get engaged, but you need the whole story: Are the parents you met his biological ones? Any relatives with major issues that could affect you two?

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