5 Things You Should NEVER Do On Your First Date

5 Things You Should NEVER Do On Your First Date

By The Times of India on February 3, 2014
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Staring at other women- a sure way of having water thrown across your face is checking out other women. Do you think your date isn’t aware of the hot girl in the black dress across the table? Or did you think your playful flirting with the waitress went amiss? Well, it didn’t. She’s watching you closely, so keep a check on your wandering gaze. Having a roving eye on the women around you is only going to end up in disastrous results.

1. Spending time on your phone- Not only is the constant urge to check your messages or reply to your calls insulting but it can make the person you’re with extremely uncomfortable. So keep your blackberries and I phones away as much as possible, even if it’s an unavoidable office call, make sure you excuse yourself politely and make it quick. Being an avid listener will work to your advantage above most things.

2. Talking about your ex- “Nobody wants to know about your romantic liaisons or feel like they’re being held up for comparison with your previous lovers.” Says psychiatrist Aaron Cherian. “Keep that information to yourself till she gives the hint that she’s ready to talk about it. Nobody really wants to know about your sad past.” he adds. So unless you’re ready to hear about her romantic past steer clear of the topic. Fair play, right?

3. Making sexist jokes- Making crude remarks and jokes might be second nature to you but in the era of the strong, independent female, this might not go down too well with her. Make light jokes, get a sense of her personality and then mark upon that dangerous territory if you must.

4. Sloppy dressing- Good dressing is a must to ensure a future romance. You don’t have to suit up but dress like someone who she’d want to take home to meet the family and she just might do that. “I wouldn’t want him to go out of his way with his dressing or his manners but I’d like to know that he made the effort to look good.” Says Anshul Tiwari, student of media and advertising. A ‘devil may care’, slob-like attitude isn’t going to take you too far in the dating arena.

5. Being arrogant- Correcting her over small things or talking excessively about your work and money can be huge turn off. Remember that nobody likes a know-it-all. Projecting confidence and being assertive is good and most women like that but not at the expense of making her feel bad. Keep the conversation light and funny, this isn’t the time to up your knowledge on art and literature.

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