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5 Cheap Fitness Tools Everyone Needs To Build A Home Gym

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[dropcap]Y[/dropcap]ou don’t need to join a gym when you live in Nigeria because the weather is great. It’s possible to work out in the comfort of your own back garden. You can even use the local park if there is one close by and you want to stay in great shape.

There are a few things you need unless you plan on using nothing but your body weight. A few cheap fitness tools will come in very handy, so let’s take a good look at the ones that will give the average person the best bang for their buck.

Home Gym

Gymnastic Rings

These are without a doubt one of the best fitness accessories on the planet if you live somewhere warm. If you live in a snowy country like Canada or Finland it might be different, because you need to hang them from a tree branch.

You’ll then be able to do basic moves like pull ups, push ups, and chin ups to develop a strong body. Commercial rings are only built to help you develop strength and size, so don’t attempt any gymnastic swinging moves on them.

gymnastic rings
Gymnastic Rings | Hammerhead Equipments
Jumping Rope

Most people assume a couple of things about running. They think it’s the best way to burn calories and the ultimate endurance builder. They’re wrong on both counts because jumping rope beats it every time.

Did you know if you jump rope for an hour each day you can burn up to 1,000 calories? Even using it for 10 minutes daily will ensure you always have a six pack. There is a reason why they’re extremely popular with boxers.

slackline workout
Slackline workout
2-Inch Slackline

A slackline is a piece of fabric 2-inches wide that attaches to a couple of trees. It’s basically the modern day equivalent of a tightrope and you don’t need to join the circus to train with one.

They’re primarily designed for balance, but they offer so many more benefits. You’ll build strength because you’ll need it to stop yourself from falling off. They can be used for yoga or performing cool tricks too.

Resistance Bands workout
Resistance Bands workout
Resistance Bands

It’s good to have one or two resistance bands in your home gym kit. They aren’t great at any one particular thing, but they’re very good at a number of things. Building strength and muscle is possible if you’re not already strong.

Their biggest benefit is perhaps the fact you can use them in numerous ways to improve your flexibility and mobility. They’re also great for rehab and injury prevention, especially in areas of the body like the shoulders.

Kettlebell Set
Kettlebell Set
Cast Iron Kettlebells

Walk into a gym and you’ll see a dumbbell rack with dozens of weights on it. When training at home you won’t need as many options. You can still use dumbbells, but one or two cheap kettlebells is enough.

You’ll be able to do almost any move you can do with a dumbbell, plus there are more specific kettlebell exercises too. When you’re getting started forget about how strong you currently are because a 16 kilogram bell will be enough.

workout exercise
Pick Your Favorite Tool

None of these are particularly expensive considering they’ll last you years. You don’t even need to buy them all at the same time. Start with one you think you’ll enjoy the most and slowly build your home gym up over time. You will never have to step foot inside a commercial gym again.

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