5 Essential Tips For Expats Moving To Nigeria

5 Essential Tips For Expats Moving To Nigeria

Nigeria Holy Cross Cathedral, Broad Street, Lagos Island | Ronke Balogun Blogspot Nigerians
Holy Cross Cathedral, Broad Street, Lagos Island | Ronke Balogun Blogspot

Nigeria is quickly becoming a popular place for expats and it doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. Although the country had a bad reputation in the international community years ago, everyone is finally realizing it’s a beautiful place with lots of opportunities for the right people.

That doesn’t mean everything is perfect because moving there is still difficult. You’ll have to overcome a few obstacles in your journey before you can finally say you’ve settled in. Fortunately we’re going to look at a few tips future expats can use to help them out.

Driving a car buying a car

Get Yourself A Driving License

When you’re staying in Nigeria you’ll need a driving license, which your company should help you sort out. It’s also important to make sure you have documentation with you at all times in case the police stop you.

Most expats are lucky because their company supplies them with a car and driver, but it’s not always the case. If you want to buy a car and explore the country on your days off stick to a 4×4.

Dollars cash nigeria

Bring Lots Of Cash With You

Once you arrive it might take some time before you’ll be able to open a bank account. You’ll need to provide identification and jump through other hoops, which is fine except for the fact it takes time.

Your home country could also block your card when you try to withdraw money due to suspected fraud, plus it’s not just a one time thing. When possible it is good to have enough money you can exchange to get you started.

shipping furniture nigeria

Shipping Your Furniture Out

After speaking with an old customer Alberta Pro Movers realized this part was really tricky. Getting your possessions onto the ship isn’t hard, but getting them off at the other side is a different matter.

In some cases it could take the best part of a year before you get your stuff. It will depend on things like how long the ship takes to arrive, paperwork, and congestion at ports. It’s maybe better to buy new and keep your current furniture in storage.

Aerial view of Adeola Odeku Street, Victoria Island, Lagos | Photos of Nigeria Blogspot
Aerial view of Adeola Odeku Street, Victoria Island, Lagos | Photos of Nigeria Blogspot
Paying For Housing Upfront

It’s very rare for your company not to provide housing, but it does happen and it’s something you should be prepared for. Housing in the big cities is more expensive than what you might think.

When you are required to find your own home you should be aware it’s not uncommon to pay the rent up to two years in advance. You’ll need to know this before you start house hunting.

Stock Up On The Essentials

In a country with so many people it’s obvious the demand for power will be extremely high. Sometimes it won’t be able to keep up and you might find yourself dealing with power cuts more than ever before.

They only usually last a few hours in highly developed countries, so you’ll not be used to owning appliances like a generator. When you move to Nigeria you’ll have to stock up on the essentials.

Ikoyi Jetty Lagos
Ikoyi Jetty
You’ll Have An Absolute Blast

Nearly every expat who spends time in Nigeria thoroughly enjoys themselves. Those who find it difficult in the beginning usually haven’t known about the tips we’ve looked at today. Make sure you’re prepared for an adventure and you’ll be absolutely fine.


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