6 Creative Ways To Wear A Shift Dress

6 Creative Ways To Wear A Shift Dress

shift dress

The shift dress is arguably the only timeless style ever designed in the fashion industry. It is universally attractive, and can never go out of style.

Shift dresses brighten up my day. Not only can they be donned to different occasions, they can also be worn with different accessories.

The shift dress is a very interesting design. It got its name from the cut of the dress. In fact, the “shift” part points to the aspect of the design that stretches in a straight line down from the shoulder. It stops just above the knee and is one of the most striking dress silhouettes ever designed. It made its debut in the 1920’s as the most iconic design in the fashion industry. Its rebelliously short length made it a great choice of dance clothes.

But can everyone rock the outstandingly chic shift dress?

Of course. If there is any classic silhouette that can flatter a variety of body types, it’s the shift dress. If you are still in doubt and are in the process of purchasing a new one, try a black shift dress. You can never go wrong with a short black dress.

shift dress

Although shift clothes come in similar cuts, they often vary in design. I noticed a friend of mine only wore beautiful v-neck shift dresses because they looked better on her, and they were perfect for her big busts. Her shift dresses also always seemed to have beautiful darts. I prefer A-line shaped shift dresses because it flatters my avocado pear figure. Fashion enthusiasts use different kinds of fashion belts to accentuate their curves. Zaful is a great place to get a perfect shift dress.

Although this fashion trend began in the 1920s, it can be worn in ways that look very modern. The truth is shift dresses can be donned in as many different ways as anyone cares to count. But for the purpose of this article, I shall list only the top six on my list.

1.     Pair Your Shift Dress With Boots

A classic floral shift dress can be paired with a matching shade of boots. It’s a great way to make a fashion statement. If you are wearing a black shift, try brightly coloured boots. Alternatively, you can wear black-on-black and pair them off with gold accessories. A pair of gold earrings and perhaps necklace can give your outfit a very modern and chic look.

The best makeup for this outfit would be your good old glossy red lipstick. You know what shade works best for your skin tone and face shape. Try the shift-boots-and-red-lipstick combo and see how smashing you’ll look.

shift dress

2.     Choose A Colorful or Print Design

As I said in the introductory part of this article, shift dresses are simple, straight cuts that extend down to just above the knee. This means that this short iconic style comes with little or no shape or detail. So when choosing a shift dress, you might want to bear this in mind. The most attractive shifts often come in bright colours and/or remarkably striking patterns. You can find come affordable beautifully designed shift dresses HERE.

3.     Don Flat or Low Heeled Shoes 

If you love flat-heeled shoes then you’re in good company. High-heeled shoes rarely work with shift dresses. Perhaps it’s because heels make the dresses look much shorter than originally intended.

With low or medium-heeled shoes, your shifts can look even more modern and chic. Fashion experts even recommend flat sandals as the best choice of foot wears for plus-sized ladies.

Again, the weather is another thing to consider. If you live in cold climes, you’ll look great in your shift dress if it’s combined with dark tights and a pair of flat boots.

shift dress

4. Don’t Be Shy To Dress Up Your Shift Dress

I have a pear-shaped figure and so I often wear my shift dress with a belt. It helps accentuate my curves. I like to show off my curves.

However, if you don’t like the idea of wearing belts on very short dresses, you can dress it up with a lovely leather jacket.

5.     Pair Your Shift Dress With Some Gorgeous Leggings

Most women feel uncomfortable with short clothes. Leggings are perfect for shift dresses especially when the shift dress looks too straight and too simple. A tunic comes to mind. And we all know how smashing tunics look when paired with leggings. A black-and-white floral shift will look great with a black pair of leggings. Why don’t you try it?

shift dress

6.     Go For Matching Jewelry

Great accessories often make simple clothes look outstanding. But it is important for you to select the right type of jewellery for your shift. For instance, since this short iconic dress is typically bold and short, you must avoid tiny jewellery.

Strong pieces of jewellery like droopy earrings, cuffs, brooches and/or pendant necklaces will go well with your dress. If your accessories have some artistic or modern feel to it, then it will work perfectly with your flattering attire.


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